What’s In A Person’s Character?

Happy Friday, Y’all!

I’m flying on this week!  So, let me do it first!! TGIF!

If you “know” me, you know that I’ve met a lot of folks after having been a teacher in the public schools in White Plains, private secondary schools and universities in Cali, Colombia, South America, and much of the same in Ft. Lauderdale for 20 plus years! This week, I learned that ANOTHER one of my former students from White Plains High School passed away.  Rest in Peace, Giraud Hope …

I’ve just experienced one of those episodes in which I was “wronged” or disrespected regarding a business encounter where I lived for 5 months until Wednesday!  I had to “make a move” in order to physically move my residence.  Not only did the property manager lie to me about what was in the lease while I entertained dinner guests (and did NOT apologize once discovered), he spent the best part of my first three months trying to “hit” on me, giving me papayas that I don’t eat so much, and saying disrespectful “things” to me and peering over the low wall into my bedroom too many mornings!  While flattered, it really hampered my opportunity to learn how to “self-publish” my third book with Amazon’s Kindle e-book platform.  So, when I told him that his behavior had to stop, he got angry and started making jokes about my “then” missing tooth as well as the “work” I was doing on my cane from Spain!  It was THEN that I realized this person’s true character … and I moved unexpectedly with “a little help from my friends”!  If you could see the place that I am writing this from, you might realize how kind “the universe” has been to me in this episode along my journey!  THIS is why I came to retire outside of the States.

Along my “people-centered” journey, I have come into contact with a wide variety of humans … including some “real characters”, as we had often called those “unorthodox” people in our lives who gave us a “hand full” to deal with!!  Here in Costa Rica … Talamanca to be exact … there are a lot of “characters”, if you will, seeking something …  So, since I came to write and “relax” (heal through yoga and meditation), I have to stay clear of “the characters” who would like to treat me however THEY wish!  It often involves some “high-level energy” to steer clear of such types, but I have to do it …. or ELSE!!  So, here, again is where I try to be “the best that I can be” without getting trodden upon!  It’s a “tall order” but this is how I roll when I’m representing “the boy from The Projects” who has had substantial opportunities to be “the best that I can be”!  Those people who try to “compete” with me on one level or another usually fall short and end up being “disrespectfully jealous”!!  “Exit!  Stage left!” and I’m out of there …”

So, I can share with you that along MY journey, my character and personal development have always been a keen focus for me!  What kind of “character” do you portray along your journey?!?  Make it a good one!!


John I. Cook, Director

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