The Danger of “Double-Talk”

Yes, we’ve done it again, especially if you’re reading this!  Blessed!  So, TGIF!

Do “you” think the US presidential election was “stolen” by Joe Biden and “the Democrats”?  Sounds like the title of an old “spaghetti western” type production!  Someone just told me yesterday, as I welcomed him back to Costa Rica, that the “covid thing” is fake!  He said it’s all a fear tactic to control “us”.  So, I asked him why he flew from Canada to Central America?  I asked him why did he leave Canada?  His answer was, “I had to get out before they stopped the flights again.”  The last thing I said before HE walked away was, “Why are you telling ME this?  Why don’t you go talk to the families and friends of the NOW more than half-million Americans slated as to having lost their lives to “Covid”?!?” As I said, he walked away.  I mean, people can believe whatever they want (or need) to.  But don’t try to convince me that “the moon is made of swiss cheese”!!

I’m thinking out loud of the lack of humanity in the American political spectrum.  I’ve had people tell me, “It’s been like this forever Bro’!  That’s nothing new!”  Then, I replied, “So are you just going to sit back and enjoy the show?”  He replied, “Yep!”  I thought to myself, “Are people really enjoying these “shows” of ignorance, racism, greed, dishonesty, corruption, and the like!?  Or, are they just telling themselves that they “enjoy the show”?!?”  Here we have it …  Some folks are prone to be leaders while others are just “followers”.  Yet, there seem to be still others who just don’t care “what” they appear to be!!

Most of the time, I talk about myself in these pieces.  I get feedback from time to time that I may have reached a “common ground” with some of my readers!  Again, I ain’t for everybody ’cause you have to have a “thick skin”, so to speak, when you put yourself out there.  We ALL know someone who is ALWAYS right!  Now, that’s a “show” to watch.  Unfortunately, many people got stuck in “the worst show in American History” and there are others who “seem” to want a “repeat”!!!  “Oh my, how dumb-downed can you get!?”  I was watching a newscast last night when one of the reporters stated, “Don’t these people (politicians) have families?  Do they tell the same lies to them?!  But, don’t their family members ever tell them that they know that they are lying?”  What a life these “double-talk” specialists families’ must have!!  It seems that their “political” or otherwise “make-believe” goals are more important than the “truth”!  Hopefully, we can see the damage caused by “double-talk” which “sets one up” to believe blatant LIES!  “Think …  It ain’t illegal yet!” a la “Lee Blair” (Courtesy of “Funkadelic”)!

As we go forth today and the weekend, try practicing telling “the truth”.  If you have to “lie” … it’s a dangerous place to be!  “Live and let live!”


John I. Cook, Director

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