Be Flexible, Amicable, and Protean

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Is anyone else having a “stage” in their life right now that’s “full of surprises” if you will?!?  The “spiritualists” and astrology-oriented people have been referring to a “shift” in our “reality(-ies)” … Does anyone feel at least an occasional “tug-o-war” going on inside or spiritually?!  I do!  So, let’s do this “TGIF” right quick!  “Whoop!  There it is!”

Sometimes, no matter how nice or amicable one may try to be in relationships with other people, one runs across these “insatiably toxic” people!  I know, I know … it’s my fault sometimes because I often try to start out with a “new” person taking them as they are.  Trust me, I have often been wrong …  But I always give it my best shot first … until someone CLEARLY tries to “burn” me …  Then, I close that chapter as best I can … being flexible, amicable, and protean!!  That last one is a “doozie” and requires a lot of training and discipline.  We ALL know the “story” when one has a clear set of plans, and then “people” try to change YOUR plans for their benefit!!  Imagine that!!  Time to “spin on a dime”!

I went as far as to “accept” a “free horoscope” reading.  (It made sense but I have passed that stuff!)  One thing that has been pretty helpful for me is “knowing myself”.  You see, when that “charlatan” (for lack of a better word) with all the shenanigans, stupidity, and dishonesty approaches you or you just find yourself in their midst, you’ve got to be able to re-organize yourself and make a move!  I’m there right now!  Thank God I have the “lessons” passed on from “Big Ike” … that “walk softly but carry a big stick” lesson!  Can you see me now?!?  I’ve got my “cane from Valencia, Spain” all sanded and shined!  Yet, my real “arms” are my words, my temperament, and my ACTIONS!  With “Big Ike”, you didn’t know if you were in trouble until he came walking directly at you, leather “strap” in hand …  Discipline time!  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”  Self tough love …

You all be sure to “be your best self” as often as possible.  Get to “know yourself” and how to MAKE yourself calm in stressful situations …  Not an easy task but quite a necessary one!  “Be like water, my friend …”  – Bruce Lee


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. keeponwriting
    Apr 08, 2021 @ 00:08:01

    Well, that is a deep hole in the ground…keep on writing..



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