Activism and Love

Happy Friday, Y’all!  Yeah!  So you want to give money to a millionaire?!?  Really?!?  Do a “TGIF” with me and send that money to a worthy charitable foundation (research it first!) or something!  Snap out of it!! BOOM!!

It seems like the so-called “leader of the free world” has inherited some issues with inequalities in a variety of areas!  Are WE really free?  Do we really care anymore?  Now, THAT’S the damn problem – folks don’t care anymore and many of us have adopted the “rat race/dog eat dog” mentality and wonder why stuff is so messed up!!  People don’t even have time to CARE anymore!!  Now that’s some SERIOUS sh@t!  We’ve got to break that spell generated by greed and selfishness and begin sharing and community building.

Okay. I didn’t want to mention this but … The publishing company still has the bulk of the money I had paid over two installments back in October 2020 (I put a stop payment on the third!) which is just over a thousand dollars.  The bank I use is “waiting” for the bank of the “criminal” publishing company to reply with a document!!  It’s going on 90 days now, which on February 15th will come full circle!  I must admit that this has got me “messed up a bit” …  I don’t appreciate it when folks intentionally delay a project especially this manuscript which is dedicated to my Mother.  I may be reading too much into it but that’s the way I am, too.  I have to still “learn” that even here, “the process” takes some time.  “Patience, my Son!”  But this is a characteristic of how corrupt greed and capitalism in the USA have gotten … some folks have NO MORALS when it comes to “someone else’s” money. (Some folks steal from their own family member!) Anyway, I will keep you updated … It’s something else that I have to work on.

So, right now I have been fortunate enough to have found a dentist here in Puerto who can help me with my teeth.  It’s a long-overdue activity that I had been ignoring because dental insurance and treatment in the States requires one to be rather wealthy or connected … somehow.  So, I’ll invest any extra funds I may come up with in my mouth!  Soon next week, I think … I’ve got to “feel” it first … I will begin my research into publishing with “Amazon”.  That should keep me busy!  “Stay focused”!

Today, I didn’t wake up with “scrump” on my mind … like most of the world!  Most of us know that we haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg that this character put afloat in the USA and the world.  While I am not expecting Pres. Biden to do any miracles, I am expecting those of us with a “higher calling”, often called “leadership”, to get out there and promote our activism with love.  Talk to your fellow human … try a conversation …  I said a conversation without guns and flags and hostilities.  Trust me, I know that’s not easy … I’ve been at it for a while now … ever since I learned that “Love is the Answer”!  I truly believe that we the people have a chance to move our energies in a much more positive direction.  I mean, there’s enough on ALL of our plates to get started so, let’s begin!!

Enjoy your weekends!  Give love a chance!


John I. Cook, Director

(ps. The Inauguration Ceremony & Activities really looked like “America … the beautiful!”)

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