Did Someone Say “Absurd”?!?

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Say it quick before the “right to speak” is taken away, too!!  Some of these folks already forfeited the “right to think” … just like “their loser leader”.  How many different courts need to tell him over and over … you LOST, “scrump”, times 60!??  So TGIF! BOOM!

Have you ever heard of “The Theatre of the Absurd”?  Look it up!  It was a theatrical style of playwriting popular amongst European playwrights after World War II.  Have you been able to realize that this character in the White House has woven each of us into his “theatre of absurdity”?  Example one:  Rioters said, “This is our house!”  Then they looked around and saw all of the destruction in the Capitol building and quickly said, “It’s our country!”  Windows were broken with sledge-hammers and shields, people carried ropes while others simply scaled the walls.  Yet still “others” in “their house” decided to go as low as to urinate and defecate in the “halls of their house”!!  Absurd enough for you yet?!?  Savages for REAL!!

What if you learned that several, three or so, Republican Congressional representatives gave “tours” of the Capitol to anxious “followers” who turned out to be the RIOTERS who forced their way into the Capitol on January 6th?!  I know, a devout supporter of the biggest loser on the planet would believe that the “election was stolen” and that the “loser” won … yes I said he said “won” … by a landslide.  And then “one” … of the basket of deplorables … believes every lie this imbecile tells!  Look it up on your cell phone, stupid!!  Why believe a known chronic liar … look it up, you fool!!  Or, is that harder than pissing in the halls of the nation’s capitol!!  Oh, I shouldn’t use those words … but “they” can DO IT!?!  Give me a break!! (Let me try some sh@t like that and see how fast I am killed!)

So, now, the US Capitol is preparing to have 20,000 troops there to offset these characters in the “theatre of the absurd” directed by head-terrorist – “scrump” – at the Inauguration!  That is more troops than there are in Afghanistan, Iraq, and a few other places over there COMBINED!  It has been clearly identified by the FBI – believe it or not – that there are multiple “white supremacists” groups planning to join whoever else shows up at the nation’s capitol on Inauguration Day!  Smart people, right?!   Did you know that some police officers took selfies with the rioters on January 6th, while other officers from places like Virginia were actually amongst the rioters!!?  Is it absurd enough for you yet?!?  How about a USA Olympic medalist with his jacket on?!? (THIS is why WE the people on the Planet MUST come together … or else!)  Now, “the brothers” of the planet have seen, been touched by, manhandled … even killed by some of these types of law enforcement officers.  Can you say “police reform” yet?  Or do you need a knee on your neck, too??!  I mean, damn y’all!  WAKE UP!  We are being “used” to fight against each other while the real thieves are getting away … time and time again … with MURDER!  I rest my case!

What’s my case?  Research stuff, y’all!  Don’t be “sold” a book of lies, which strategically feed directly into “your” discontent and drives you to harm your fellow human (perhaps of a different sexual preference or color or income) rather than lend a helping hand!  It’s clear that the moronic fool lost the election by a “LANDSLIDE”.  Sure … he had less than half the country that voted for him … their effin’ problem to be so dumb.  Yet, get in line, be civilized and WAIT for the next election … like Americans have been doing since before slavery!!  No more excuses for domestic terrorists!! LOCK THEM UP!  Start with the “head” of the snake!!

In the meantime, I hope you readers understand my position as a social activist, like it or believe it … or not!  I’m trying to make some positive changes out here world-wide, y’all.  So join me and Educational Excellence and make a difference … for the betterment of humankind!


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Gary Hodder
    Jan 16, 2021 @ 18:25:33

    I agree, John. Say “it” quick. You got “it” right, but I am still not worried. We stand amazed and watch, with fear and shock and praise, the tower of hate be consumed in flames, topple, and shake the ground on impact. The 60s marches were successful, but the bill got paid with a check that bounced. No mind! The war is over. The good guys won. OK, sure, it’s a lot of tearful work to rebuild all the damage. Time consuming too, taking more than we even have. But when it gets too hard to bear, for me, there’s always Reverend Gary Davis.



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