You Aren’t Surprised, Are Ya?!?

Good Day … Happy Friday and … Damn “amerika” … you’re lookin’ naked, Baby!  Yet, churn up a “TGIF” for ev’rybody then … World-Wide even – TGIF!

Need I or anybody say more about the double sometimes triple and quadruple standard depending on how close your “skin color” is to being white in “the land of the free, home of the brave”?!  “Pay attention, Son!”  Some of “us” have to actually live that “lunacy” while others just go overboard by abusing the “fake” power that comes with “being white”!  “Time for a change with the colors game, Gang!”  Amerika is naked now … those with accurate vision can see everything!!  Just remember, “you” can be duped, too!

When leaders lie, they aren’t only disrespecting you (they think you are stupid …), they are literally controlling you with their “words”!  So, once a person … any person … makes you believe their lies, they will try it again and again and again.  So, one has to educate “themselves”, the way we do here at Educational Excellence!  I have always been the “Curious George” type, always wanting to know “the truth” and WHY this “fact” was true.  One fact I learned is that a “black Man” can run a country for 8 years (2 terms) and thwart a pandemic, handle the institutional racism of the very institution that he led, challenge the racists that loomed in every corner like Speaker of the Senate Mitch McConnell and low life trash like Ted Cruz.  So many people nowadays do this “suck up and swallow” move like a “champ” and then get NOTHING in return (not even loyalty from selfish morons like “scrump”)!  And the next day, these sycophants wake up in the morning and repeat the same dumb sh@t!  Until … the head moron pulls the covers off of the scene and one can see clearly that “the creature” is using everyone in its path to become the USA’s first dictator … on OUR WATCH!

So, just how “stupid” are you willing to be for someone who controls you with its words and lies and motivates you to do illegal stuff!? Those are the “extreme morons” who traveled from Georgia and Alabama to the nation’s capitol to “TERRORIZE” it!!  The so-called president doesn’t even care about the pandemic anymore!!  Hundreds and thousands of people are dying each day in “the richest, most powerful country in the world” … with the dumbest “Americans” EVER … supporting and fighting for a “fool” who LOST the election!!  Can you see the picture yet?!?  Or are you blind and stupid?!?  These types of bullies prey on your weaknesses … like being a racist!  Then, the “bully” fills your head with lies about a “race” from which the previous leader came and did a superb job even with “morons” all around him AND his family who thwarted every effort of his leadership!!  Then, these “fools” elect an incompetent, uneducated creature who ruins EVERYTHING that it touches … including the former United States of America!  I am sure most of you don’t want another season of this failed “reality tv show” at the cost of about half a million lives … mostly people of color … and have the government taken over by a “Putin”-like dictator.  WE, the people, are responsible for doing “our” part by checking creatures like “scrump”!  Educate yourSELF!!

“Come together … right now … over me!”  – John Lennon & the Beatles, 1969!


John I. Cook, Director

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