“You’d Better Believe It!”

Happy Friday, Yeah!  We got this “TGIF” together, right?!?  I thought so!  BOOM!

You’ve heard the expression: “When a person tells (shows) you who they are, believe them!”, right?!  Yet, how many of us continue to “give credit” where NONE is due?!?  Then, “we” realize that the person is showing us EXACTLY who they are!!  “Believe it … or not!”  I mean, look at the USA now under the current “lack of leadership”.  This is the “creature” who tried to push his racist agenda on President Barack Obama.  This fool, #45, was ALREADY looking to see how many “dumb” Americans would believe that a well educated, classy Mr. Obama was NOT born in the United States.  And, he got “truck-loads” of ignorant people to support the “pu$$y”-grabbing “scrump” as he sowed MORE seeds of “racism”!!  You see, #45 was … is … and will NEVER be concerned about the USA!!  He has spread his “toxic” form of thinking to feeble minds all across America!  Now, he is KILLING people … one by one … and he could care less!  He got “beat like a drum”, as Biden said, and now he’s lost what was left of his “petrified” mind!!

So many of us like to “focus” on other people’s problems … not their successes oft’ times … when “they” could actually use a “helping hand”, not a pardon for “criminal behavior”.  Those are the kind of people who would try to build THEIR self-esteem on YOUR misery!!  How nice, right?!?  NOT!!  Now, for me, it was CLEAR what the “country” was in for when this “character” assumed the office of “president”!  “scrump” is like a deranged New York City “street hustler” with NO VALUES, borrowed money, and the skill to repeat the SAME NONSENSE over and over again until “one” gets tired of hearing it and succumbs to the “madness” or no longer cares.  That person has been “hustled” as they say in the “city streets of America” away from believing what they KNOW is right!!!

Right now, just before “Christmas”, I am still waiting for the “thieves” from this publishing company to return the balance of my money to MY bank account.  They don’t want to return ALL of it after doing NOTHING!!  Imagine that!!  My bank is escalating the dispute!  As always, there is a manner for ones’ “good karma” to supersede the negative drama imposed by “fledgling souls” hell-bent on YOUR discomfort.  Enter, a former room-mate from St. Paul’s School: Larry Thomas Woody, straight out of “College Park” Maryland!  “LT” is the author of a book called “In Black and White”.  My buddy and I played basketball together, ran track together, and excelled in our educational opportunities.  “LT” graduated from Temple and we have managed to stay in touch over the years.  “LT” even helped make it possible for me to do a “book signing” in Philadelphia for my first book, “From the Projects to Princeton”.  He suggested that I employ “Amazon’s” format for self-publishing which he has used successfully.  I will have more work to do while I am in my own little paradise here.  Coupled with my dental work, healing my gut, and managing my arthritis, I’ve got a few more “24 hours” to spend in Puerto Viejo, Talamanca, Costa Rica!  Pura Vida!

Have a great day, and if I don’t “see” youse … Have a Merry Christmas!


John I. Cook, Director

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