“Raise The Bar!”

Yes, Ladies and Gents … boys and girls … it’s Friday again!!  Welcome to the “Greatest Show on Earth”!  Do you remember how that “circus” entourage was introduced back in the days before animal rights activists became so omnipresent?!?  Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus!  I saw it once or twice at the Westchester County Center!  Incredible!!  How do you like the Retrumplican Circus going on in and around the White House under the “lack of leadership” of the head clown – “scrump”?!?  Say it quick with me … TGIF!!!

Well, it’s clear that a failed businessman can NOT run a country … it will fail, too!  Can you see it yet?  Over half a million ( … or is it just over a quarter million …) Americans dead and the president of the country has not ONE word to say about the increasing deaths … only conspiracy trash about how “it” won the election!  Is the bar low enough for you yet?!  Each person who voted for this moron, not to mention the grown “fools” who continue to peddle his third-grade bully mantra – “Do what I say or else!!” – are complicit. Each time the citizens … but really the “politicians” of scrump’s party, mostly … gave this fool a pass on say “quid pro quo” situations as he sat in the highest office in the land, he got worse!  The bar was “lowered” until now it appears that there is no value in a word that comes out of “its” mouth!!  Wouldn’t you like a “father figure” or a “husband/partner” like that, “America”?!  “America, we were better than this!”  So, raise the bar!!

Sometimes, people may deceive us and “make” us think that they have “our” best interests in mind!  We may make excuses for them because we desperately hope (not a good thing) that this person or institution will do what they said they would even though the writing is on the wall!  How would a president expect to “change” the election results to favor himself … in a democracy?!?  Answer: “It ain’t a democracy any more!”  All the soldiers that fought to keep the borders of the country relatively safe, even though the country itself was “taken” from another group of indigenous people, are being ridiculed day by day!  “Stop the madness!”  It seems that throughout the history of the USA, there have been efforts to “raise the bar”!  It almost sounds like “MAGA” – make america great again!  He fooled many disgruntled people by pointing fingers at the “peaceful protestors” who don’t want to see people of color killed in the streets of the ” … land of the free, home of the brave!” anymore!  Who else can “kill” someone in broad daylight, on camera, and not IMMEDIATELY be found guilty of murder?  Answer: gestapo-style police!  Can you see the wrinkles in the modern “hitler’s” face?!?

In closing, I would like to wish a Happy Hanukah … what I like to say is “Happy Holy Days” .. to those who celebrate it since we are facing a historical turning point and we MUST raise the bar together, y’all!  Don’t settle for mediocrity (or stupidity!) if “you” can do more.  Be the best that YOU can be!  And as my Momma once told me: “Don’t take no wooden nickels, son!”

Enjoy your day … Blessings!


John I. Cook, Director

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