Spiritual Health Is Real

Happy Friday, “Crew”!  Let’s do this … TGIF!  Don’t think about such a humble yet “lofty” prayer … Just Do It!  It was just “Thanksgiving” yesterday!

In case you haven’t noticed, “some” of us live on different “frequencies”, so to speak.  Some of “us” may feel insecure and find the need to “put someone else down” … perhaps the way “they” had been treated in their own family or group of friends.  Meanwhile, there are others who are more or less secure unless “threatened” and, seek good vibrations and look for ways to improve relationships … wherever they are.  This paradigm examines the continuum of “helpful” vs. “hurtful” character (personality) types.  We all may fit in there depending on our level of self-esteem as well as what THAT is based on.  Self-esteem that is based on the individual’s innate ability to navigate through one’s circumstances is more static and reliable.  So, there is NOTHING wrong with being confident and proud of yourself, and “you” don’t feel threatened by “others”.  Thus, “you” have no need to look for ways to demonstrate “fake superiority” to cover up for a dearth of self-esteem.

If a person sincerely “works” on their spiritual health as much as they do on physical health or sexual prowess, they may strike a balance.  Patience, meditation and prayer, “helping others” all provide a magical cure for a person suffering from poor spiritual health.  This “getting outside of oneself” enables one to help others, share and feel more balanced … important even!  Through meditating on peace and universal love, I find myself increasing my spiritual health.  Living alone helps me.

Well, the “self-publishing” episode is coming to an end.  The bank I use has been relentless in pursuing the publishing company’s banking institution.  Wednesday, after calling “billing” two days in a row since they promised me a call from “someone”, I got an e-mail from a representative of the “refunds division”.  The e-mail basically said that they would deposit all except $400.00 from the $1600.00 I had been scheduled to pay, including one more installment set to come out on the 6th of December.  I put a “stop payment” on that as well.  The “refund department” for the publishing company claims that the $400.00 is the fee for the “content evaluation”, which was never done properly!  When I researched the cancellation terms, I discovered that an author is entitled to all except $150.00 of the price if I cancel within 90 days.  After the “check-in counselor” sent me an e-mail 2 weeks ago with my photographer’s name – “Davia” – written in the e-mail as “David”, I wanted no parts of that “content evaluation team” which he blamed for the misspelling!  So, I have one more “self-publishing” company I will investigate before figuring out if I can “self-publish” the book on my blog!  Still, I am taking this time to re-read and edit, if necessary, the entire manuscript. 

Enjoy your weekends … stay healthy spiritually, too!


John I. Cook, Director

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