Play The Cards You’re Dealt!

It’s Friday, Folks!

How are you all holding up?!  I mean, there are world-wide problems … not only in the States … so …  Let’s do a big “TGIF” for the TEAM … all of US on the Planet!  TGIF!

I just learned that there are some locations in Turkey where “Americans” may be facing some danger.  Yet, as of Friday morning, no concrete news has been reported.  Just a few days ago, it seemed that some “American” politicians were concerned with how America appears to the international community.  Do I need to repeat the age-old axiom “No person (man) is an island!”?  Hopefully one day … the Earthlings will realize that we are interconnected and essentially interdependent.  What a concept!?!  It just seems so hard to grasp.  Us “humans” lack the desire to trust each other enough to work together without looking for the “upper hand” … control … ego … and all those other destructive forms of interacting.  Now some say, as they do for “scrump”, “That’s just the way it (he) is!”  That is an attitude that does not seek “being the best that we can be”!

Each of us is born with a certain set of circumstances.  Does that mean that one has to “stay inside the box”?  I don’t think so … especially if your “hand”, “box” or circumstances were not the most favorable for human existence.  Enter “modifications” … like I do in yoga … or life in general!  Don’t you love it when folks are so concerned with “you” that they start to predict what you will do in certain circumstances as “you” observe them trying to modify your existence?!  On occasion, it is NOT for your benefit!  So, “you” have to stay alert or pretty much be “aware of your surroundings” preferably at ALL times.

Life is quite unpredictable sometimes!  For example, just last night when I dozed off to sleep, I had left my laptop on listening to some music while “digesting” the debate.  Soon, I woke up and the television was watching me and my laptop had automatically shut down.  I did my usual limited “IT” checks like unplugging it and turning it off …  The only thing … it wouldn’t turn on again!  So I decided to “saddle up” first thing this morning and go to the only computer repair service in Puerto Viejo – “Don Julio”!  On a few occasions, he had helped me simply by “stroking” all of the keys at once … and suddenly … the laptop powered on!!!  This morning, I put the laptop on the kitchen table and unplugged everything.  Something told me to try powering it up while not charging.  Presto … it turned on and rebooted itself.  So, I hunkered down and prepared this piece for Friday.  I mean, I had gone over in my head what I was going to do even though my cellphone – the backup – is suffering from power issues, too!  The darn battery won’t keep a charge.  I can’t afford a new one just yet because I have so many other important projects to manage on a limited income.  Thanks to the “universe” again for a “little help from my friends”!  THIS is why I am so grateful!!

Hopefully, by now, the readers of my blog and e-mail pieces understand that I am not a “witch doctor” or mystic … let alone a “Mister Know-It-All”!  I just try to shed some light on otherwise “dark secrets” that many of us prefer to sweep under the rug.  I believe that we each can be happy with ourselves and each other if we practice acceptance of our differences and celebrate our similarities.  Of course, I am not suggesting that we humans adopt an avaricious lifestyle in which no one counts except ourselves … and as Mr. Obama said … “and our friends”!  “Can’t we all get along?!”  I know, I am hoping and working for a “true North” in human civilization …  How else do you think I wake up and function each day?!  By trying to be the best that I can be given such opportunities or … be able to “hijack” a few good opportunities!!  Educational Excellence is a sole proprietorship, a non-profit, philanthropic entity that encourages readers and non-readers to “Know Thyself!” and “be the best that you can be”!  Stay with me if you can …

Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BC
    Nov 21, 2020 @ 14:05:27

    Good Morning! I really enjoyed these this morning & had to smile…its nice to see someone happy, enjoying a simpler,healthier state of being both physically & mentally…bravo to you. 🤗
    Life is so simple,its something I’ve truly grasped these months that life has changed so drastically… we can still enjoy life if we can only embrace the good we find in each day & try to find some humor in each day as well…it helps me!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!! 🧎‍♂️🧘‍♂️🚶‍♂️🏝🌞💻🎶



    • excelwitheducationalexcellence
      Nov 25, 2020 @ 16:38:56

      Good day, Babrie! Thanks for reading!!

      Yes, I often “joke” around with associates and tell them: “I’ve tried everything else, so … I may as well KISS” – “Keep It Simple Stupid”! #AA. Blessings to you and thanks for your reply!!




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