You Don’t Have to be So Smart . . .

Happy Friday, Yeah!

Have y’all had enough of the “unreal” reality tv show yet?!  President Obama said it right when referring to #45’s claim that he, Pres. Obama, was not born in the States as scrump’s “schtick” or comedic routine!  It’s funny that some people can be so stupid!  So, let’s TGIF right quick and carry on!  BOOM!!

The anecdote that “organization is the key to success” is quite accurate … at least for me!  I confess I don’t make any claims about being “the sharpest tool in the shed”; yet, I use what I have to the best of my ability.  In other words, it ain’t over until the final curtain … and then some!  I am not a quitter, even if I “lose” … whatever that means.  I believe we each can get something “good” from even our most “challenging” situations.  I once commented that “team sports” or group games foster a sense of interdependence that is vital to humanity’s success.  That comment comes from experience as well as observation.  There is no real “I” in “TEAM”!  It’s a “shared” reality … a shared experience, even!  Team players are often better “leaders”.  Team players learn and experience the concept of “community” as opposed to selfish individualism!  I don’t think 45 ever served in or played ANYTHING, selfish @#%$!

Okay, so how smart are you?!?  Are you smart enough to “see through” scrump’s accusation of VP Biden’s goal to “pack the courts” if and when he gets elected?  It’s simple!  Don’t look at the “shiny object” … look at how many judges of color the shyster appointed in his 4 years in office … ZERO African American and one Hispanic!!!  “I can’t …” tolerate those types of arrogant imbeciles!! (Can you see systemic racism, yet?!?)

Off the soapbox now … and back to my gratitude for my life today.  I’m missing a few friends from Ft. Lauderdale and New York, boarding school and college, my grandson whom I’ve only touched once when my Child brought him to meet me when he was like 3 or 4 months on the Planet.  Sometimes, I push back tears … Other times, I recognize how grateful I AM!  What about you?!?  

VOTE!! (Like your life depends on it ’cause it does!)


John I. Cook, Director

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