“And there you have it … AGAIN!!”

It’s that time again!!  Just being grateful and contemplating “gratitude” should be enough for the moment … TGIF!

Welp … in case you were wondering why so many “Americans” did not acknowledge “scrump” as their president, now you know!  New Yorkers have always known since he and his father had been sued for billions of dollars due to practicing “racism” in their screening of apartment applicants in New York City.  Shucks, these creeps would place the letter “B” on the applications if the applicant was “African American”!  Of course, they were “set up” like the “crooks” they ALL are, got caught red-handed by agents, and had to pay billions of dollars for their actions to the Federal government.  (And now, he’s in charge of the Fed!)  And “you” think it’s “safe” to live in a country being “mismanaged” by these avaricious clowns?!?  I hope not …

So, I have moved to my new place just a “hop, skip, and a jump” from the center of Puerto Viejo.  In fact, Wednesday, I walked from here leaving at about 8:15 am to arrive at “Old Harbor” (Wolaba) Market at 8:30-ish.  I took a minute to sit and chat with a local woman who makes bread and sits in front of Old Harbor selling it!  It’s a “small town” so the management there allows her to do so!  Soon, I started walking to “Jacaranda” for yoga class where I used to live two years ago and arrived early for class!  “A great class was had by all!” Molly checked on me at one point when I got up slowly from the plank and downward dog!  “You okay, John?” she asked me.  I shook off my “drama”, said yes, and assumed the position!  We continued with our “Sun salutations”.

It’s a front wall-less Caribbean styled one-bedroom apartment with lots of colorful foliage right outside my neighbor and my front doorway.  The electrical appliances are fairly new, I have hot water in all faucets, which is kind of a luxury.  I discovered a crab just behind the wall of my bedroom and bathroom, and, it seems that a possum is living nearby who enters the front door at night that Augusto made from scratch!  The possum drops a tiny load on the floor in the kitchen!!!  “Making myself at home!”  I couldn’t ask for more.  The “universe” led by Its divine energy found my positive energy and “hooked me up”!  Not only did the new landlady make a “creamy soup” (crema de zucchini) for me one day, she also sewed four colorful seat cushions for the otherwise hard dining table chairs!  Yep, I actually have a dining table with four chairs … out here in the beachside jungle!  “I’m loving it!”  I can hardly wait until my Child and hers can come to visit … maybe for her birthday next April as Caleb’s 5th birthday is in 10 days!  I still have to get him his passport soon after I get settled in with covering the publication costs of my third book, “Cookin’ With Life!”  I am excited because on Tuesday, I sent the manuscript to the “team leader” as well as photos and the design for the front cover, back cover, and an insert!  It should be in print by the middle of December!

I couldn’t vote this year because when I went to mail my request for a ballot during the height of COVID 19 to be sent to Costa Rica, they said it would cost fifty bucks just to send the request!  I didn’t want to ask how much it would cost to send the ballot back to the States if it ever got to me.  I had to have my Capitol One card sent to my good friend John Shelton in the FTL who then sent it to me … for $57.00 by DHL!!  Can you all say, “Enough is Enough!”?  So, get out to vote early to get these “ignorant parasites” out of the nation’s government!

Enjoy your day and weekends!


John I. Cook, Director

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