“Ball of Confusion”

Happy Friday, All!

It’s just one of those things that I love to do … show my appreciation!  Then, TGIF, mi gente!

It is really difficult not to pay attention to what’s happening in the States … the supposed most powerful country in the world that has a disproportionate number of deaths caused by the Covid19 virus.  Whoever is doing this … methinks it’s the Universe or “bad karma” … is exposing the most omnipresent frailties that “most Americans” think makes them strong.  The simple right of doing what I want and then framing it under one of the amendments or “bills of rights” and being downright “selfish”.  That’s the “American Way”, right?!  You already know what I’m going to say if you’ve heard me do my “social activist” rant!  Can’t “people” see that in many ways, we are interconnected and whatever happens to one will happen to “another” in a matter of time?

If you watched the “debate”, either way, “one” should be shocked.  I was happy for Biden because “scrump” went straight into “meltdown mode” …  He became unraveled as he tried to bully Biden and shoot off his usual array of lies.  His rude interruptions were so frequent that Biden had no choice except to say, “Will you shut up, Man!  This is so … is so … unpresidential!”  I mean, I would’ve said the same thing!  Then some undecided “jerk” from Ohio says he wouldn’t vote for Biden because he told the president to shut up!!  That person, #45, is “not presidential”, so one has no choice!  I won’t get into trying to understand people who accept his famous “grab ’em by the kitty kat” and just “kiss ’em” cause he’s a star “lines”, but “you” are as sick as he is!

Okay, let me try to clarify.  Have you ever met that person (we all have) who no matter how “wrong” they are will try to convince you that they are “right”?!  They, like “scrump”, just have to be right … no matter how insidious their crap is!  “The virus is going to disappear.”  He says, “it will eventually one day!”  I mean damn … we ALL are going to disappear one day!  But “raise your hand” if you want to live without contracting a virus …  He doesn’t want to shake “the disgusting” people’s hands anyway.  Now, make an excuse for that!!  Admit it, such people can’t admit that they are wrong.  They will take you to the grave with them, if you aren’t a “self preservationist”!  There are some people who would rather believe a lie than admit that is not true!

Back in the day, there was a song by “The Temptations” – Ball of Confusion.  “That’s what the world is today, hey hey, let me hear you now!”  As each of us pursues what we believe to be our “personal freedom”, just make sure that you don’t tread on anyone else’s “personal freedoms”!  And if it does, accept the truth and stop living lies!

Enjoy your weekends!  Thanks for reading!!


John I. Cook

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  1. Amira Alijagic
    Oct 29, 2020 @ 12:40:24

    Dear John, I hope all Well with you. I can’t contact you on whats up.. please send your number..mail: aalijagic@hotmail.com

    All best,



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