Do You Need A “Reality Check”?

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Come on, things can’t be THAT bad … unless “we” let them, so be grateful … TGIF!

It can be hard to see “clearly” in certain circumstances!  I am sometimes not so “clear” on what is clear!!  Have you ever felt “over-cautious” or had some strange feeling … and “you” didn’t know why?  It could be considered a “premonition”, maybe even a warning of sorts!!  Nowadays, I try to notice the “signs” or messages, if you will, that may steer me “right” or towards my goals …  I try to listen to the soft voice of confidence mixed with peace to determine the best way to handle a given situation.

Well, confidence is important; but confidence based on things that are “good” and work for ALL is paramount.  The interesting phenomenon about the States is that “we” have had opportunities to improve things and now, the new generation of young leaders has the Earth’s future in mind.  If you don’t care about “yourselves”, at least care about your Children and your Children’s children.  We all make mistakes …  Some folks say they are sorry while others would never let those words pass their lips no matter how true they would be!!  Couple that personality trait with dishonesty … and … we have a problem.  Communications couldn’t be worse when dealing with people like this!  It seems that the White House is full of them, spewing lies with no care about who is being deceived and whose lives are being destroyed.

Personally, I try to stay “open for options” at this point in my life.  I feel pretty good because I don’t have to do “anything” except take care of myself!  I don’t have to believe lies, I don’t have to “suck up” to unworthy people … so to speak.  Most of the time, I can call my own “shots” …. coupled with humility and confidence.  “I don’t want to hurt nobody … and I don’t want nobody hurting me and my loved ones!”  Life should be so simple … but it’s not!  We have many choices to make.  I find when I meditate that I can sometimes “choose” what runs through my mind and seek to heal myself both physically and spiritually.  Other times, I’ve got to allow those “not so good thoughts” to travel around my mind until I feel comfortable “letting go” of them, so to speak.

For those in the States, voting in this election will be a “game-changer” for REAL, as the current occupant likes to say when he touts “fake remedies” for an ailing nation.  I’ve come to view myself as I heard in the lyrics of a Santana composition called “Give and Take”.  He says, “Talk about your country … there’s really no such thing for me!  The whole world … THE WHOLE WORLD … is ONE big FAMILY!”  I like this … I embrace this!  Not such a “bad deal”, heh?!?  I write to stay sane and not get sucked into some incredible “drama”.  I try to clarify some thoughts “on paper” that are important to me … and our offspring.  What a concept?!!!  Perhaps, there are some things that “you” can contemplate …

“WE ARE ONE!”  Act like it!!


John I. Cook, Director

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