Can You Do “The Damn” Job?!?

Happy Friday, right?!  RIGHT?!?  Sometimes we have to convince OURSELVES, RIGHT?!?  So, “Just Do It!”.  TGIF!

This week in “world news” has been pretty interesting, to say the least!  Does it look like “things” are ready to implode around here?!  Have you ever been given a “job” that you actually couldn’t do?  How did you handle that?  Did you ask for help … or did you just resign or refuse to accept the position?  … or did you just do a “poor job” until things got so bad that it was clear that you … “couldn’t do the damn job”!??  What a fiasco, heh?!

While I have never felt a “part” of the American Dream, especially when it turns into another “nightmare”, it is sad to see so many folks following or supporting a pure “figment of their imagination” …  Can’t they SEE stuff?!  Are these folks really that blind … or are they just stupid?!  I had this conversation with a friend yesterday as I worked on editing my manuscript.  He agreed:  The people who support a “lying bully” are the same people who were bullied in their youth and have learned to accept that as “power” and “leadership”.  Sad story when a buffoon “looks” like a leader to some because they like being bullied …   Or is it that these folks like seeing people that they don’t LIKE be bullied by someone else … because it makes them feel better?!  Can you see the acceptance of the decline in “humanity”!?  We humans have been using “war” as a “cure-all” for situations that require intelligence, sensitivity … perhaps communication even!!

As I hone in on a bird’s eye view of American Politics today, I see folks literally scrambling to pick a side!  Does it look like “we” humans need to start looking for more peaceful and more plausible answers to our questions and conflicts on Earth?  It looks like that to me!  As the next “party’s” convention shapes up and gets started in the States, get prepared for a huge “sh@t show”, as one friend accurately described a troublesome situation!!  Understand, folks, that “leadership” is a unique quality that not everyone seems to care about … or accept, let alone actually possess!  PLEASE … don’t let the States become just another “banana republic” dictatorship!!  “We ARE better than that!”  – John Robert Lewis


John I. Cook, Director

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