“You Don’t Say?!?”

Happy Friday, All!

It’s a “tough job” but someone’s got to do it, so … TGIF with me!!  BOOM!

Yesterday was the birthday of my Coach for football and basketball at St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH. He was also the athletic director.  I’m thinking 96-ish, right “Coach” … pret’ near a century, Man!!  He’s been a friend since I left boarding school in New Hampshire, though we lost contact for a while, and he had been a part of the US Navy … if I’m not mistaken … in the defeat of the Nazis in WWII!  This is the importance of learning about “American History” and how these “men” in particular overlooked or accepted cultural differences to actually win a “war” … together!!

We are in a time when many people say many things … “just to throw a wrench into the engine” with these hilarious “suggestions” like COVID 19 isn’t real!  I always want to ask these people, “Do you think all of these people are really dead?”  Then wait for it … ’cause it’s coming!!  I played “team sports” most of my young adult life.  “Sports” teach and demonstrate the need to cooperate as a “winning team” … not a boisterous, big-mouthed individual sowing fear and hatred between the citizens of the SAME “team”.  Shucks, “we” could even spread the concepts to the world that the USA once held dear!  When I communicate with Coach Blake, he is sometimes a bit sorrowful for the depths the country has fallen to in four excruciating years … world-wide, and since he fought valiantly for the nation!

So, last week, I realized again how important “communication and cooperation” are between just two people for their success as a unit.  In my days playing “organized sports” and playing a leadership role in various organizations, I learned to “work together” with people.  I had gone to a “beach party” (social distancing is possible on beaches in Costa Rica!) last Thursday night with a cool new friend, “Magdalena”.  On our way back to her car in the dark, we had to cross a tributary flowing into the ocean.  Magda had her cellphone light on leading the way until I felt BOTH of my feet get stuck in the sand below in waist-deep water that caused me to fall into the water, bags and all!!  My friend simultaneously held the light above the water, extended her hand to me so I could pull my feet out of the sand … and get out of that little tributary that had swollen under the light of the Full Moon!

So, here’s a hopefully heartwarming message … “be a team player, not an idiot isolationist”.  I think that “we” will come out better!  Have a wonderful weekend!


John I. Cook. Director

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