Conscious Bias, Unconscious Bias and Racism

Happy Friday … Yay!

It’s TGIF time, right?!  You should join me to boost the positive vibrations!!!  There is enough negativity going around and we’ve got to keep it positive. So, TGIF!

One lesson I hope that we are learning from “the current state of world affairs” is that … ” … we ain’t fooling nobody … except ourselves …”.  It seems that “the Universe” is challenging “humanity” and our so-called “world leaders” and values to a showdown.  The Universe is cautioning each and every one of us … fools included …  “Get all your tanks and missiles, money and material wealth as we call it, lies and cheating, hatred and racism, greed and plain old egotistical stupidity … and you will meet a “virus” to bring you down …  The Universe will not tolerate the divisiveness and destruction of a once beautiful Planet … so … die and kill yourselves off with greed and illusions and games of destruction … ”  Are we listening?  ALL of “us”?!  Do we understand?!  I hope enough of us do!!

And all of that is just the bottom line.  Those of us who were raised around a “racist dinner table” where conversations often sought to elevate the race of that family were simply lied to and misled.  And, those members who allowed themselves to be brainwashed were literally “taught” to dislike others who are NOT the same color as them!  How primitive a level of existence to choose for your family!  How ignorant a concept to choose to make friends (or enemies …)  … while ignoring the many more positive characteristics of humanity!  We are supposed to be “the human race” … or is that too difficult an idea for many of us to fathom?  Why not??  Is racism the mental illness you seek to raise your family on?  What happens when they find out “y’all” were wrong!!?  Some people are too ignorant of obvious truths and want to “train” others to do the same … thusly, the foundation is laid for “institutional/systemic racism”!

Keep in mind, humanity’s elements have more in common than is different.  Don’t be a fool.  If you’ve been miseducated about the evils of racism, “you” will be the one bringing it to your institutions … wherever you work.  Now the challenge is to “re-educate” YOURSELF away from that ignorance for in fact, you have allowed your humanity to become diseased … on purpose.  Great diagnosis, right?!? NOPE!  “Get well soon!”  Now, there are some people raised around that “racist dinner table” and racist homes who were conditioned to be … stupid and ignorant!  Is that you?!?  Do you like being stupid and ignoring the facts that all humans are created “equal” in the eyes of their Creator … who ain’t you!?  So, get with the program.

It’s a tough job to figure out “who you are” as we ALL are doing so don’t mess up my progress with your “stupidity”.  We here at Educational Excellence advocate that you “Be the BEST that you can be!”  Don’t settle for less …. none of us should be doing that!  “Know Thyself!” … that’s enough to get started!  One could write another book on this topic but this is just a “word to the wise”.  Besides, we should be able to figure it out from here!


John I. Cook, Director

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