Is THIS What You Signed Up For?

Yes, my Friends … It’s Friday again!  So, uh … lets TGIF, then!! Everything is alright, right?!  Nope!?!  Imagine …

A US Navy veteran felt he had the right to peacefully protest in Portland.  He wasn’t touching a Federal building, was unarmed AND big … and “white” by the way.  Upon asking a federal “soldier” if he felt that he (the soldier) was following the constitution regarding “peaceful protesters” … he was struck multiple times across his body by the soldier with a baton!!!  In shock, the Navy veteran didn’t respond … until he was pepper-sprayed DIRECTLY in his face … and finally retreated with his hands up!  Oh yeah, he was initially presented with an automatic weapon in his chest and face by one of the “soldiers” which he said was another reason he froze initially!!  He lived to tell the “story”.

Educator Wendy Sherman, director, at the Harvard Kennedy School for Public Leadership has some interesting observations of the current administration’s ability to handle challenges using a successful “leadership style”.  She is also the author of the book entitled, “Not For The Faint of Heart”.  She addressed the inconsistencies in leadership regarding when a city in the States has asked for help from the Federal Government.  Once, she mentions, a city did ask for Federal “investigative” help in Kansas City where the “black on black” crime rates was too high.  The local leadership wanted the Federal government to help find out WHERE ALL THE GUNS WERE COMING FROM!  What a concept!!!  Of course, the “ball was dropped” by the Feds and the crime sprees continued in cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia … all the places where guns are manufactured, right?!?  Nope!  I said this a hundred years ago:  someone … with strings … has been allowing … I said ALLOWING GUNS to enter these major cities!  Where else are impoverished “black youth” with few or no options in “the City” going to find such an array and supply of weapons on their streets?!!  Kansas City got NO HELP from the Feds.

In these “pieces”, I simply try to illuminate certain situations that are taking place in the States and the rest of the civilized (?) world.  I am not an anarchist nor a fool!  So when you come at me, come straight, ’cause that’s how I’m going to send you home … STRAIGHT!  I don’t like nor “tolerate” racism nor racists … I remove myself from “their” presence and hope that they don’t follow me.  I taught “history” for many years in New York and saw some incredible textbooks that left out half of the real history of the North American continent and how “the United States of America” plowed its way from “sea to shining sea” acting as if the original inhabitants were NOT there.  Who does that?!  Maybe … greedy, insensitive and barbaric people disguised as “humans”?!?  How does the world view the manner in which “45” is “draining the swamp”?!?  This mofo IS “the swamp” … and everybody and everything he touches becomes part of his freaking cesspool!! 

Does anyone have any idea how much money “45’s” family has made in his three to four “lost years” with no salary?!?  They are “winning” … with additional new patents from China, new hopes for the Trump Towers in Moscow, use of “45’s” country clubs and resorts … WORLDWIDE!?!  Maybe I should ask how much YOUR family “made” during the same time period.  Now, I am sure many folks have “excuses” for a grown a$$ man who lies through his teeth every chance he gets just to see how many of “the lost” will follow him … into the cesspool of history!

In my writings, I present a case for humanity … not one race, no particular income bracket … but for EVERYBODY!  “We could ALL be having so much fun!” like the lyrics in the song by Frankie Beverly and Maze, “We Are ONE”, proudly states!  Leadership should UNITE people … not divide and incite hatred amongst the people of the same nation … and ultimately … the same PLANET!  Now if you find something wrong with my passion to spread spiritual love and intelligence and to uproot evil wherever it comes from, so be it!  You do you … and I’ll do me … hopefully, we can meet somewhere in a peaceful place!

Both teams’ players in the first Major League Baseball game showed a lot of support for the “injustices” in the “land of the free, home of the brave”!  Each player from the “Nationals” and the “Yankees” took a knee as the National Anthem played …  I am sure that some people still have problems with a “person” doing what he feels is right … as long as “the person” is not hurting anyone else.  What a concept!!!


John I. Cook, Director

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