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It’s Friday again, and I’ve been waiting to do a “TGIF” with youse – TGIF! 

So, how does it feel to live in a “world” or have a lifestyle with alternate universes, perhaps alternate realities?!? Can you imagine how it feels to be considered a “suspect” because of the color or your skin … and be followed in stores, women clutching their handbags or locking the doors of their cars when “one” walks by while crossing the street?!?  Naw, you don’t want to know ’bout that!!  Now, if this goes on from the time one is four or five and continues through say … 25 years of age … like what happened in August of 2019 to Elijah McClain who was surrounded and choked, given “ketamine” to calm him down … and then died in the custody of the Aurora, CO PD …  This is not acceptable!  Then I hear a police union representative from Minneapolis complain about the police being “vilified” … “SHUT YO’ MOUTH”!!!  The treatment of this 160lb. massage therapist was despicable!!  #bodycamerasremoved

One has to understand the history of “white supremacy” to see how it serves to demean people of color while providing a “cushion” in a “race-conscious” society dominated by people of no color – white!  Those of you who know me also know that I don’t consider myself to be prejudice or racist (can I really be?), but KNOW that one can FEEL the difference that one’s skin color makes in how one is perceived and treated.  Thusly, it is important for a “brother” to be over-prepared and perform exponentially better than “expected”.  Then, for the less confident, low self-esteemers of non-color, the door opens for acceptance …. or hostility based on the race of the overperformer!  WT@?!?  THIS is why the youth of ALL colors are marching in peaceful protest of the omnipresent racism world-wide.  One needs to be intelligent and feeling to understand this dichotomy.

Norm Stamper, former police chief of Seattle says: “Police bureaucracy is toxic!”  He continued in a recent interview stating that it was painful to see “an act of murder” committed in plain view in the day time … by a person with a police uniform.  This is information for those who don’t know the history of policing in the States … it was ALWAYS like this for people of color!  Professor of Social Psychology Clifford Stott at Keele University says that the police must be professionalized … they need to be taught to understand crowds and the use of appropriate tactics especially “de-escalation”.  Imagine an officer grabbing you from behind as you walk from the store at night with your purchased items … because someone called “911” and said there is a person acting suspiciously … and the officer tells YOU not to tense up!!!  It is at this moment that “de-escalation” is required.  If the police are to remain intact, they need to be trained “longer” and given professional techniques (NOT CHOKING!!) to utilize if and when things go awry.  I’ve been there, the officers often like to escalate … and that’s when I whole-heartedly try to DE-ESCALATE any situation.

In closing, mainly because I’ve seen some of the pain caused to “good people” trying to explain the evils of racism, everybody is not going to agree, here’s my take on things.  There are some people who enjoy their “fictitious white privilege” and would be pret’ near distraught without it!  Some people will never admit that they are wrong while others will never change …  Stay focused on YOUR goals and continue moving forward in your quest for equality under the law …


John I. Cook. Director

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