“Ain’t No Words To This Song . . .”

Happy Friday, Y’all!

So, I’m going out on a limb today and “TGIF” for e’rybody!! TGIF!!!  May we acknowledge “Juneteenth” for what it was …  But don’t forget what happened 100 years ago in Greenwood’s” Black Wall Street” there near Tulsa, Oklahoma!!  All “black-owned businesses” and property were burned to the ground by “hostile whites” based on the typical lie … “a white woman’s claim of attack by a black MAN” … Please STOP this madness!

Have you seen enough of the “muck and grime” in some law enforcement agents?!  So, we need an excuse now … to stand on a man that we just shot in the back as he ran away from “injustice” … after taking his taser?!  Y’all might want to check your “human rating” before justifying such incompetence and cowardice!!  Have you ever been incarcerated … and lost EVERYTHING?  THAT’s why Mr. Brooks ran … been there, done that … thank GOD I’m still here … and NOT in the States!!

Redditt Hudson, former St. Louis Police Officer says: “15% of the officers do what is expected of them or better.  15% of the police officers take advantage of their power and look for every opportunity to be selfish.  The remaining 70% will follow whichever mode of behavior that they find themselves surrounded by …”  Meanwhile, the “stable genius” says:  “Yes, there are a few bad cops.  But it’s a tiny number of them.”  Choose wisely.  Mr. Hudson is the board chair for The Ethics Project as he encountered horrific abuse of police power while he worked as an officer in St. Louis.  The other guy is a multiple failed business nightmare … but 24 hours a day!!  “Tweetle lee tweet- tweetle – dee – DUMB!”

It’s time for “the next generation” to claim the Planet!  I personally think that they may be able to save the Planet, themselves … if the greedy, power-corrupted failed leadership will get out of the way.  We need a “world” based on humans with character who want to “know” the mysteries of life on this Planet – NOT control them.  We need a world-wide social order based on “life-sustaining values” and not those values based on skin color, religion, sexual orientation … or “place of birth” . . . EARTH.  I am a strong believer in “spirituality”, which in my opinion, is the way to maintain one’s connection with “the higher-order” … call it what you will!

There are many “moral lessons” in these days and times … and we’ve got to let the “young leadership” take charge to implement a “better” mode of living on the Earth.  The “expiring” generation’s obsession with “power and division” seems to have caused the current “state of affairs”!  It’s about that time again … for a “love revolution”!  See what you can do to make things better for ALL LIVES!!  “Silence is complicity!”  Don’t stand around and “watch” as “we” have been conditioned to do … and witness our own demise!

Peace, Love, and Blessing!

John I. Cook, Director

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