“Can America Breathe?!?”

Good day and a Happy Friday.  Yeah, “change” is good if you’re “clear” on what you’re changing into!!  I’m going to do it!  “T.G.I.F.”!

Values are lacking in our “acceptable” behavior.  Lies are okay nowadays, we don’t expect any more from others.  Some folks seem like they’re stuck at a childhood level of behavior.  Other folks want to “look all over the place” for an answer instead of straight ahead!  No one knows how to admit they are mistaken and have the decency to apologize and do what is necessary to make amends! #generalmilley  I mean, if “we” keep sweeping the “trash” under the rug, the trash eventually will start to come out one way or another.  For example, racism in America … even worldwide!!

Haven’t African Americans “proven” themselves (me included!) over and over?!  Have you any idea how such “hostile vibrations” cause a person to feel … over and over … day after day?  Maybe other activities like drinking or drugs … (or later “yoga”) may be necessary or helpful to “get through some nights”?!  Maybe, fight back … like I used to by filing internal affairs complaints against “unprofessional” police officers!  The Minneapolis Police had more than 2,000 complaints since 2013 and there were only 30 punishments!  Not only had Chauvin murdered another citizen in Minneapolis (no charges, no discipline #powerfulpoliceunion) but, Thao the other veteran of 5 years who watched as the lyncher took Mr. Floyd’s life, had one complaint about “excessive use of force” that resulted in the City paying the victim $25,000.00 and NO punishment for Thao either.

Then, if that’s not enough corruption and disrespect to all people of color, the rhetorical question has become:  “Is there systemic racism in America (USA)?”  Let’s examine the facts right quick …  “Is a country that was established by force on land confiscated from the “Natives”, populated by Western Europeans from various walks of life, and then built by slave labor (free labor) of African people under punishment of death …. considered to be a racist country”?  Now, if you were fortunate enough to have played with colored crayons in pre-school and learned a bit about “pie charts”, you should be able to figure out the answer to that question.

It’s pretty elementary to see that “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean “ONLY Black Lives Matter” but maybe better paraphrased as “Black Lives Matter, Too!”  Now, if we could all join hands and sing together … just kidding though I wish it were so simple a task!  It was said after the “Rodney King Attack” … ” Can’t we all just get along?”  Perhaps that is a bit more straight forward.  Let’s have some serious (not ridiculous nor accusatory) conversations and get humanity back on track …


John I. Cook, Director

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