“Positive Vibrations!”

Yeah, y’all … we’ve got to go “deep” inside to find the Happy Friday today … so, digging “deep”, I’m able to come up with a smooth “TGIF”!  And you?!?

Something’s going on, Y’all!  You know, when a generation of “young people” realize the injustices of many forms of government, they are able to take a closer look at “how we’re living” in the “land of the free, home of the brave”.  When young “intelligent” and caring minds see a cause worth believing in, they embrace it!  They haven’t been corrupted “yet” with systemic racism and the advantages of “white privilege”.  Over my years facilitating learning in different settings, I have found that if their minds become interested AND they “understand”, they are ready to take action.  I recall the experiences I’ve had in community organizing with A.C.O.R.N. in Florida to get President Obama elected, as well as those experiences in the classrooms I’ve worked in!

How can it be a practice to “allow” (or ignore) a gun, taser/pepper spray toting police officer with EIGHTEEN COMPLAINTS including one that resulted in the death of a citizen … to keep its job?!?!  Can you “keep YOUR job” with 18 complaints!?  But then to permit THAT officer to commit murder (homicide) and go almost a week before being arrested is despicable!  Chief Craig of the Chicago Police Department said it best:  “That officer should immediately have been placed in cuffs and the case turned over to a prosecutor.”  You see, as Mr. Crump, Esq. explained, “There are two systems of justice in the United States . . .”  Without the videotaped incidents that occurred most recently, we would never “see” that.

I have been meditating for a few years now.  I’ve always tried to meditate in the past but there were so many distractions, I could only get a few minutes in while in yoga.  For me, “prayer” involves talking to “your God” and meditation is when you “listen” to your God.  This requires a quiet ambiance for me with no distractions, if possible.  Nowadays, I can feel the “positive energy” inside of me as it radiates to protect me from “hostile forces” usually encountered in what I’d like to call “spiritual warfare”!!  It too is omnipresent and we must acknowledge it’s existence … the good and the bad!  Usually, I can recognize a creature with low energy levels; consequently “not-so-positive” vibrations.  In Minneapolis, as well as Houston where Mr. Floyd lived before moving, the word was that he was a “gentle giant”!  Why couldn’t the officers who illegally arrested and killed him recognize this “gentle giant”?!?

I conclude that racism is a mental illness!  Feel free to write back or post any comments you deem “worthy” for others to read on the website of Educational Excellence.  I will approve it for all to see.  “Be the best that you can be!”


John I. Cook, Director

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