“If The Foo Shits, Wear It!”

Happy Friday, Y’all!  A simple “TGIF” will suffice … I can say it ’cause I can breathe … no knee on my neck …Thank God …

The title of this message actually comes from a story that I first heard from my Coach in boarding school, Mr. Maurice Blake!  It’s a funny story about “Foo” poo and an exotic island that “foreigners” occasionally visit.  Usually, when the “guests” arrive, they are informed that if the “Foo bird” poos on them, they must wear it!  One hygienic tourist got pooed on … and wiped it off.  Three days later, he was found dead …  So, if something in my piece “bothers” you, don’t “wipe it off”.  Now, I usually talk about me so don’t get offended.  See if it applies to you!  If not, carry on!

Meanwhile, back in “the land of the free, home of the brave”, there’s a lot of sh@t going down!  Many Americans never believed that the States are still plagued with this type of hatred and ignorance based on race.  Now, we have videos in which the latest culprit glares into a cellphone video clearly trying to strangle a hand-cuffed African American man!  The officers somehow got the tall man who was NOT RESISTING to get out of his Mercedes Benz SUV parked on the street … onto the ground with his face pressed into the pavement next to the police cruiser’s rear wheel, handcuffed behind his back!!  The officer applied pressure on Mr. Floyd’s neck AND back with BOTH knees until the man said, “I’m about to die!”  The officer then applied more pressure with his knee, hand in pocket to increase the weight while the other officer hovered over Mr. Lloyd saying, “Just relax …”  DON’T MAKE ME SAY IT!  The so-called accusation was due to a counterfeit $20.00 bill.  Is the penalty “Death by neck choking with a knee on the windpipe?”  Worse than a noose, freaking cowards!  Of course, this is the same city where Mr. Castile was murdered by gunshots from a policeman’s weapon as Mr. Castile tried to produce his “concealed weapons’ permit”!  This occurred on July 6th, 2016.

The States are interesting from afar for me.  The election of #45 and the heightened racist attitudes and activities motivated my goal to retire abroad!  I’ve had multiple “brushes” with police in Ft. Lauderdale and even North Florida.  It’s clear that a “person of color”, especially African Americans, are treated differently from their “white” counterparts.  It really is exhausting to deal with the slimy creepiness of people who let their racial hatred ooze from their essence … It IS scary!  I can’t accept that anymore.  I often excuse the “racist ignorance” propelled at me from time to time just to maintain my own “peace”.  But I let the “culprit” know in no uncertain terms that they are mistaken with their initial perceptions of me! I don’t live MY life to prove anything to anyone anymore.  I’d just as soon walk away.  If they don’t get the message, let them “try me” again.  I am just waiting for the right moment to “educate” an ignorant fool, if possible!

I was looking for a “town” to retire in to finish my third manuscript, “Cookin’ With Life!”  The topic or theme is about how a “black” man survives in The USA amidst the hatred, double standards, and racism and NOT become a statistic before retirement!!  I’m editing it now and feel an affinity with Mr. Floyd, as I, too, am a gentle giant …


John I. Cook, Director

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