Money vs. Morals

Happy Friday …

Not sure if I can do a “TGIF” with all this “drama” going on worldwide!!  But, I’m going deep for this one … TGIF … hmmmpff …

I’m up early and feeling “frisky” after a great night of sleep!  I had a massage yesterday in the morning, then did something I like to do to “help out”:  I bought two large pizzas from a local shop, “Boruca Pizza”, that had been closed for several weeks, and carried them by Tuk Tuk to “Old Harbor” for the management and staff to enjoy for lunch!  One pizza was Hawaiiano and the other was Margherita!  I delivered them and left.  The staff in the grocery store are always polite to me when I am there or even on the street!  This is the store where they take your temperature before allowing a customer to enter after washing one’s hands.  That’s where I get my homemade slice of carrot cake, amongst many other tasty baked goods!

We are in an era of transformation.  What “we” on this planet as only one of the “skillions” of species have before us is a choice – to live in harmony vs. die in discord.  It’s not something that any ONE “nation” (humans made that up, too!) can do alone.  It’s going to require international cooperation based on “human values”!  But first, “the species” must decide what is MOST important today: a piece of paper that humans have designed to enhance “trade” or … the rejuvenation of a strong set of values including cooperation and collaboration that allows the species to survive.  I think the earliest human societies had to learn to set up a “division of labor” as well as a set of cohesive values that “they” could agree on … like TRUTH!

Now that this “capitalist” system has been used for so long and has been so corrupted that it is clear that we have an avaricious element in human society that “wants more than they need”!  And then, once “this group” gets more than they need, though there is enough on the Earth for all humanity, they begin to hoard the wealth and deny the other fellow humans to experience the basics of humanity – food, clothing, and shelter.  In other words, this group with more “paper bills” devalues its fellow species members and places more value on the acquisition of “paper bills” which has become the medium for exchange than on the sustenance of the members of the “human family”!  What a concept!  It sounds like an opportunity for the rise of totalitarianism and the servitude of the masses.  I know you heard this before if you are minimally studied about “forms of human civilization” like the dreaded “socialism” where the abundance (basic needs) is theoretically distributed equally!  What a concept … again!  Which do you prefer?!?!

Now, the universe has sent us “stable geniuses” a virus that we can’t beat with a tank or a gun or an aircraft loaded down with missiles … but ONLY with “human cooperation”!  What a concept!  (Okay, I won’t say that again!)   Yet, there are “humans” who understand the concept of the value of morals (and the adherence to them) as they load their team planes with PPE from various countries to bring to the “less fortunate” in the States whose federal government ignores their responsibility to “protect its citizens” … PERIOD!

Do what you can to assist the “healing” of this planet while we can.  It looks dismal to me because there is so much conflict everywhere – black vs. white; republican vs. democrat; rich vs. poor; China vs. the USA!  The States had been accustomed to being a world leader in the “early days” as we learned from our mistakes of using other humans as if they were slaves and the inequities that created as “humans” evolved and learned to care for “each other”.  Catch my drift?!?  Now, there is only one story . . .

Okay so do what you can … but make it good!  “Every little bit helps!”


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Linda Fairchild
    May 01, 2020 @ 14:42:26

    What a wonderful post! Been missing your writing. I’m quarantined in Orlando with my stepson and family. It’s been six weeks. Not sure why I never see your Facebook postings.



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