Stay Safe!! The Plot Thickens

Happy Friday, All!

So, could those of us who really appreciate our lives do a “TGIF”?!  TGIF, y’all!

Now, I have a bunch of stuff that I wanted to write about today but I’m going to focus on something I “reported” in my last correspondence.  Now, like the current occupant of the White House, “I am not a doctor or scientist!”.  But I wanted to follow up with the situation when I speculated about where the COVID 19 virus originated, though we may never really know.  One thing I like to do is “figure stuff out”  …  like a detective or investigator.  So, here we go!

There is a doctor and scientist named Dennis Carroll, currently the Chair of The Global Virome Project, who appeared on a newscast focusing on the origins of this pandemic.  He was also the former director of USAID’s Pandemic Influenza and Emerging Threats Unit, accordingly well qualified.  So, I listened to the interview and took notes.  It was on CNN, I like the facts on which I can base my opinion and behavior.   Let’s do the facts first.  Shucks, I feel like I’m in school again … taking notes!

Mr. Carroll states that the COVID 19 virus has the “genetic signature” of a horseshoe bat.  In other words, the virus was NOT made biochemically in a laboratory.  While I had embraced the notion that the virus did not come from the live animal market in Wuhan, China, I am now making an addendum to my initial comment.  I had also seen a program regarding the attraction and use of the animal called the Pangolin.  It is a scaly anteater and flourishes in many parts of the world, including China and Africa, where the largest ones are found.  There are some Chinese who believe that the scales of the anteater when ground and consumed help with problems of lactation and arthritis.  As well, between 2011 and 2015, various shipments of the meat of the animal were confiscated in Asia that had come from Nigeria.  The immense quantity of meat was on the way to China!  So, these are facts, not my opinion.

Mr. Carroll continued on with his hypothesis that the virus did NOT come from a lab but possibly from the Wuhan market where live animals are sold for consumption.  The pangolin is sold there in the market in both forms, scales and meat.  Hold on … I know!  Mr. Carroll speculates that a horseshoe bat may have bitten and infected a pangolin whose meat was then sold there at the “live” animal market in Wuhan.  And so, possibly, began the pandemic that we are experiencing.  This type of thinking diverges somewhat from popular theories about how the virus got started and its origins.

Here in Puerto Viejo, there is some movement.  In the local pizza shop and many restaurants, they have tried to stay afloat by serving take away food ONLY.  I wear a mask when I go to yoga because there is so much dust on the floor.  My nose is extremely sensitive.  When I go to Old Harbor Market, I also wear or carry my mask.  The attendants there take your temperature after a customer has washed their hands.  If the temperature is safe, one can enter.  I am doing okay here on my own, so to speak.  I feel the force of my Creator as I sleep and wake each night and day … I am forever grateful! 

So, let’s all stay safe, “Do the Right Thing!” and try to listen to the scientists … and your Creator! 


John I. Cook, Director

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