What Is Abundance . . . for ME!

Happy Friday, Yeah … “and anotha one!”

T.G.I.F., then fellow travelers!!

In my “retirement” here in Puerto Viejo, my health is of primary importance to me, both the physical and spiritual (mental) health.  I engage in activities that foster the aforementioned, and allow me to be the wonderful person that I am!  If anything comes between me and those most important aspects of my life, it gets eliminated.  A dear friend and former yoga instructor, “Dr. Christen Scott”, started a “21 Day of Abundance Meditation” to which I accepted the invitation.  Today is “Day 14” and the meditations that follow each “lesson” are done by Deepak Chopra and, so far, have provided tremendous guidance in achieving “abundance” for me.

It is interesting because the simple word “abundance” may take on different meanings for different people.  Yet, if one “lives life” focusing on making things better for ALL of us, one has a better chance of tuning in to the “power of the universe” to receive direction.  The first two ingredients for me were “love” and “trust”.  You see, one has to trust the process and everything that one does must include what I’d like to call “universal love”.  I know, it’s a tall order, especially for those of us who look for excuses to be “nasty” creatures always looking for a way to “one-up” one’s fellow human!  Do you know anyone like that?!?  So, now you may understand that they believe that “you” do NOT deserve to be happy, content, at peace and loving in YOUR life.  “They” believe that their job is to thwart anything that you do that makes “you” look better than them!!  What a waste of human energy and universal love!

I have found that some of the concepts that Mr. Chopra “illustrates” are those that I have held dear to me for years.  One such concept is “truth” and the second is “love”.  I know some people will say that “they” didn’t have much of that in their lives so they are not interested in spreading it, sharing it with others even.  Don’t make excuses for your shortcomings and don’t blame anyone else.  In order for “one” to be a better person, perhaps the “best that they can be”, one has to believe they can be the best that THEY can be!  (Don’t worry ’bout me!)

There has been a “bug” going around Puerto Viejo for a while now.  There was a “notice” that two American tourists visiting San Jose had brought the COVID 19 here last week!  I wouldn’t be surprised if it is now “on the shores” of Costa Rica, considering the number of Americans who come here.  Of course, I don’t “blame” Americans because I don’t believe in the “blame game” as it takes too much away from my “positive vibration”.  So, I am keeping up with my daily vitamin C and teas of my choice as well as any other activities that keep me and OTHERS as healthy as possible.  I am going to yoga this morning, too!  I continue my meditations and they flow even smoother now that I am involved in the “abundance challenge”.

In closing this morning, I simply want to re-suggest that you “be the best that you can be” … and then some!  I have no doubt that you will see the “laws of good karma” enter your life.  What do you have to lose?!  Believe …


John I. Cook, Director

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