We Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Happy Friday, y’all … yeah!  Just do it … TGIF!

Things aren’t what they seem, and sometimes … it appears as if we’ll never know …  Not to worry, methinks!  Preparations to treat the “coronavirus” must be made everywhere … including the States!  Maybe the vice president can convince the president that the appearance of “covid-19” is indeed inevitable in the States …  Do you really think it will “disappear” in America, too!?

Well, I am still enjoying my retirement abroad, Puerto Viejo, to be exact.  You know that “people are people wherever we go!”  I don’t get uptight but choose my friends and associates wisely.  I enjoy spending time alone to meditate or write or just take a walk.  Sometimes, I just listen to my favorite music ranging from jazz to classical … from time to time!  

Since I still host “couchsurfers” when it’s convenient for me, many “locals” wonder where I get my “house guests” from as well as what “we are doing”!  I experienced one “young brother” who jumped out in front of a kind female guest from France as she and I walked and extended his hand in front of her!  She looked at his hand, turned to look at me and stated, “I’m with him.”  The young buck took the rejection hard and turned to me.  I smiled and said, “She doesn’t know you!”  He then retorted, “You’re old …” as he disappeared again onto a side street.  I replied as he walked away, “You’re stupid . . . bitch!”  I continued walking just behind my friend as she stopped in the doorway of a nice gift shop.  I reminded myself as I gripped my “baston”, and muttered, “I’m from New York!”

I am sure that “most” of us … even not “Americans” … are keeping up with this reality tv show drama being staged in “the American government”!  Who would have thought …  “Look at the shiny coin in the grass …”  So now it seems that the “coronavirus” is on almost every continent except one, so far!  And there is a bunch of “leaders” scrambling to look like “leaders” while they are “forced” to take a break from their own corruption and acknowledge “the universe’s omnipotence”!  Enter: “Covid 19”  Are “you” confident in a “leader” who lies through his teeth?!!!  Are you comfortable with the “national emergency procedure” being “headed” by a “vp” with NO successful health experience other than a botched episode of an AIDS outbreak in his home state!?  “Is this SHOW over yet?”  Oh … that’s right … this is “real” … we can’t make this stuff up!!

In closing, I offer a “humble prayer” to the universe.  I offer lots of love and peace to each of us as we deal with the many, many experiences along our journeys!


John I. Cook, Director

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