What in the WORLD?!?

Happy Friday, All!  I hope you are ALL hanging “tough”!  So, T.G.I.F.!

Still, the “world” is spinning out of control!!  Could the state of “international affairs” be a premonition of ” … what is to come?!?”  I mean, folks are “heaping” on the crap “world-wide”!  It seems it’s true … some people, be it a family member or political representative … even a boss … think that their “wrong” behavior is okay unless or until somebody “checks” them!  It’s like a “lack of character” that is becoming the “new norm”.  Ask Roger Stone …

You can get tried and found guilty in a federal court, sentenced for a cover-up including “witness tampering” … and later be pardoned by the same person the “convicted party” was trying to cover-up for … and got caught!!  “Grown-Up Cops & Robbers”, heh?!?  Perfectly normal, right?!?  And if you say “yes”, you probably have been fooled, too!  At this point, it seems that “we the people” must let this drama play out.  Be prepared for how it ends, and accept your part … or lack of it.

Now that we live in a world where “religion” has become like a bargaining chip or “instantaneously offensive”, some folks have lost sight of spirituality, which is ensconced in most “religions”, so to speak.  Humans don’t make time to “worship” what was here before “we” were, like nature, birds, oceans and the water we drink to survive … maybe our Creator, even!  Have we become such a sad species that we will be known as the one that sacrificed itself … and it’s young, too?!?  I know, that’s probably too much for some of “us” to think about.

Let me ask you guys a question:  “If you were God, what would you do with humanity?”  I am anticipating the opportunity to transcend “all” of this crap that’s going down.  This “self-hatred” humans have adopted in the form of “self obsessions” if you will, and as well have been perpetrating this “fraud” in plain sight, may be the cause of the decline of our species.  Humans, should we decide to survive, must understand each other as more than “a color” or “a religion”, a language, or national clothing let alone only a “member of a political party”.  We must learn to accept each other as “fellow spirits” along our journeys during which we must also learn unconditional love for each other … beginning with ourselves.

I’ve had a rugged week and my emotions are all over the place.  In waking up early this morning, I tried to meditate … But I could only sob a bit while thinking of my Mother … as the rain pitter-pattered on the tin roof of the Casita Azul …  I think I need a yoga class, maybe a massage.

Have a great day and a wonder-filled weekend, blessings!


John I. Cook, Director

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