A Slice of Life . . .

Happy Friday, All!

So do you think we could benefit from a “TGIF”, this morning?!?  Give it a whirl … besides, it’s Valentine’s Day, even here in the Caribbean!  TGIF, then!!!

You know, I think our Creator is challenging us right about now on the planet Earth.  I wonder how many of “us” could care LESS about what happens to “this world” when “our” time is up!?  Worse yet, how many could care less about their OWN offspring?!?  Have we become THAT selfish that we would rather see the world crumble at our feet whilst we enjoy our last remnants of fabricated “wealth”?!?  Would we rather see our fellow “humans” struggle with their “last breaths of this life” while “we” count the number of “things” we’ve acquired in our brief lifetime as “we” breathe our last breaths of life as we know it?

I am not going to wait for anything.  I try to live being kind to those around me who understand that they must be kind to me … and each other.  If “one” cannot do that, one will not be seeing me around …  It’s better for all of us.  I didn’t come to Costa Rica to retire and get involved in some “insignificant nonsense”.  I keep my goals clear for each day and maintain a sense of human dignity and unconditional love in my life.

About a year ago, I started to host “couch surfers”.  These travelers are usually trying to avoid the high cost of hotels and other lodgings while exploring a variety of attractions.  My most recent guests came from places like Cordoba, Argentina and Metz, France.  I’ve even had my share of folks from Barcelona, Spain!  I try to assist these usually younger travelers with a place to stay for a few nights while they explore their dreams during the day hiking, snorkeling or scuba diving, and enjoying the rain, sun, and surfs at all times!  I also use this time I have been granted to commune with these travelers and share with them the elements of my life.  It usually works out well unless I get a selfish guest … hmmpff!

I continue to meditate regularly, teach a few classes per week and continue to work on my manuscript,  I enjoy Puerto Viejo because I can get everything that I need to be done on my own … so far.  I have begun to even plan a trip stateside in a few months.  I may want to explore my medicare health benefits as they pertain to possible hip replacement or surgery … or just tough it out!  I also want to see my parents’ grave in New York as well as see my only child and grandson in Connecticut.

So, on the note of Valentine’s Day and “unconditional love”, I would like to close this correspondence asking each of us to open our hearts a bit more.  May we become more aware of the ways in which we can improve this world … not just USE it until we can’t use it no more ….  “Share the wealth of this planet … and the love!”


John I. Cook, Director

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