As Far As I See It . . .

Happy Friday again, y’all … yeah!  Then shall we … “T.G.I.F.”!?

There’s a lot going on “world-wide”, right?!?  Does anybody want a taste of that “coronavirus”?!?  Would anyone agree that “living in this world today” requires each of us to make some tough calls … to just survive or live a lavish life of luxury, if that floats our boats.  Still, there are others who refuse to be “duped”, lied to, counted as just another whining mouth to feed by “Big Bird”!  What an interesting “level” of existence!  “To each her/his own …” as long as we’re not hurting each other!

How do you “see it”, so to speak?  Is your vision beyond yourself, should you happen to “care” about others??  Is your value system in your environment, be it your home or neighborhood, one in which “common truths” are agreed upon and shared?  Do you expect “bus drivers”, police officers, supermarket or car wash attendants to be “honest” or “truthful” in handling your interactions with them?  How about our educators … do we share the same “truths”?  The president …

In the trial of the current president … yeah, the trial of the president … two men took their “stand” and set forth their “truths” or views on the proceedings.  They were … for me … Adam Schiff who was later followed only momentarily by Mitt Romney.  I mean, can we agree that a trial should have documents and witnesses?  I had both in my trial when they tried to convict ME!!  Lindsay Graham and Devin Nunez were BOTH involved in the “extra network” with convicted Ukranian, Lev Parnas!!  That’s why they fought for their “master”!  Why are people who “scrump” could care less about embracing the “fraud”, deception and “modern-day tribalism” advocated by “the nation’s” leader?  What exactly ARE “they” gaining?  A dream of being a nasty attitude, dishonest, ruthless, sexual predator “bully”?!  REALLY?!?  Are you living vicariously through a fool?!

Well, after being “attacked” online as I supported “friends” and their comments regarding the “sham” Senate “trial” with NO witnesses nor documents in the effort to conceal the “truth” from the already “dumbed down” American public, I have decided to stay “my course”.  Some of us have been gifted with natural talents while “others” simply blindly follow still “others” and choose NOT to develop any skill other than “following” someone.  How many Americans “fit” that description?!?  Shucks, I experienced one “lady” from Scandanavia who lives in Costa Rica send me FOX News Clips in my inbox until I blocked her …

Now, we are experiencing a “guilty bully” whose sycophant “followers/dummies” acquitted him saying he has “total acquittal”!  The Washington Post I saw simply said: “Trump Acquitted” … extra words added by the advocate of “listen to the phone call” defense instead of letting John Bolton who quit under this tyrant testify what the president TOLD HIM!  Can you say, “cover up the cover-up”?  I, too, pray for that “country” first stolen from the “natives” then established on the backs of MY ANCESTORS … but not “scrump”.  He and his family have taken the “american government” hostage and is destroying the “once lovely plains and forests” turning them into toxic waste dumps for the wealthy CEO’s and fossil fuel executives.  As one news announcer stated last night, “America has been bullied by its president”.

So, I will spend my retirement outside of the terrain for “Civil War II” and pray that citizens of the States rally to save something for your grandchildren.  Don’t be selfish and die in shame!  Stand up for humanity!!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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