“Stuff” Is Moving FAST!!

Happy Friday, y’all!  Did you hear me?!?  I says, “T.G.I.F.” in my Popeye the Sailor voice… alright!!

So much going down, it’s literally enough to make your head spin . . . like “The Exorcist” girl!  Damn!  Now, “we” lost Kobe . . .  Shaq said it best … ” I’m sick … I am not well today … my little brother …”  What about this “coronavirus”, huh?!?

The US Senate is taking the “express lane” to approving a dictatorship for the “1%” …  So what do we do now … wait for the rapture!?!  How do we get these rowdy people who don’t respect democracy … or each other … or “the people” … out of here?!  It’s gonna take a miracle … but don’t vote like a “bot” this time!!  Hopefully, “americans” … the real ones who actually like, fight for and protect democracy will step up “right quick”.  Obviously, if you are NOT part of that “1%”, not only do you get the “crumbs” leftover from their jet-set lifestyles, but you have to fight over the crumbs with other “gays and lesbians”, “blacks”, whites and yellows or browns, Christians, Jews, Gentiles … and whatever “minor category” that distinguishes one human from another!!!  Do “we” get it yet?!?  It’s common sense, as they keep saying in the proceedings!  Use yours, OKAY?!?

So, I’ve gotten a few more couch surfing guests, after having my first overly selfish and rude guest last week, and they are from Catalunya, Barcelona area of Spain.  They are scuba divers and are going to Cahuita today to see the Parque Nacional and its many forms of wild-life!  I have two more guests coming this afternoon, two young ladies from Cordoba, Argentina to stay for the weekend.  This is one way that I have found to keep the “positive energy” flowing in my life.  I am always “representin'” for ALL of us peaceful travelers.  I am not sure of any other options, except to use our “common sense for the common good” … and get rid of this “I deserve more than you!”-attitude omnipresent amongst the human species today!

I know, I know … I talk a little “crazy” sometimes!  But as I say here in Puerto Viejo where everyone “kind of” knows my name and say hi … “I ain’t trying to hurt nobody” … just UPLIFT my Sisters and Brothers!  Who knows, with a little love in our hearts … and lots of common sense like “the world leaders” don’t use, we might be able to save OURSELVES!!


John I. Cook, Director

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