I Think I Saw A “Puddy Cat”!

It’s Friday, y’all!  All-day and half of the night.  So … T.G.I.F. then, mi gente!

I’ve always been somewhat of a realist in my life!  Yet, in being an optimist, I sometimes give people too much credit.  In other words, I treat them like a “normal human being” at first.  Maybe allow them more than “three strikes” before I omit them from my life.  But once that is done, the omission thing, it’s hard for me to “let them back in” because I have learned to live without their “bs”, nonsense, drama, etcetera.  And I also learned that I had given them “too much credit” in the first place and realized the folly of my ways!

Yes, I am a retired teacher of various subjects including English, Spanish, American and European History.  I have even taken my chances teaching “9th-grade Afro-Asian history” I think they called it … right after lunch!  Those kids were “off the walls” during that class!  Cut to the chase, I watch much of the “impeachment trial”.  I have taken a “side”, too … but a moral side!

When watching so-called “grown men and women” of the United States Senate attempting to save what’s left of democracy, so to speak, on this planet, I am a bit disheartened .  Now, while I know that even if “#45” is NOT convicted, the party presenting the information to convict “it” has done a spectacular job … so far.  You all might remember that I seek “the truth” … even if it means someone doesn’t like me!  I think I learned that in elementary school, definitely by “middle school”!  As I watch the handfull of adult women sprinkled into the majority “white male representatives” in the Senate, I become more and more curious about what happened to them.  When we were kids in “the Projects”, we had a joke: “That mofo act like his mama dropped him on his head when he was a baby!  Stoooo-pid!”  THAT’s what comes to mind when I hear adults rejecting the most “obvious truths” … there are many lies and cover-ups being exposed throughout the proceedings in the Senate.

If American “democracy” … if we can keep it … depends on some of those so-called representatives of “the people” in the Senate, we’re in trouble.  However, the States may be able to redeem, repair and rejuvenate itself IF people vote this creature OUT OF OFFICE!  Either way … please … “GET OUT”!  

So, if you think you saw a “puddy cat” like “Tweety Bird” did … be careful … you DID see one!

Enjoy your day, your weekends … and as some of “the people” say, “STAY WOKE”!  In other words, don’t sleep on “the creeps”!


John I. Cook, Director

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