“I Hope You Understand . . .”

It’s Friday, y’all!

Just Do It!  “T.G.I.F.”!  DONE!

These past few months have been quite “historical”.  Crazy stuff has been happening from a downed passenger plane thought to have been an  “attack plane” by Iran from the USA … to the continuance of an impeachment trial full of controversy.  Let’s not forget the “almost beginning of World War III”!  Can you say OMG?!?  As Elijah Cummings (RIP) once said, “We’re better than this!”  And I want to add in my Bernie Mack voice, “America …. what the !@#*!”

That’s how I have always felt about the current occupant of the White House … wt@?!  Now, I hope people can understand why #45 is not a good “fit” for president.  No matter what your success rate or purported earnings may be, since we haven’t seen the tax records of this creep for many years now, you cannot have a boldface criminal style LIAR serving as leader of the free world.  It just doesn’t work!  The thing that annoys me the most is how much effort has to be put in to get this character to stop his shenanigans!  He looks like a drug addict about to overdose on power!!  Please … “Get OUT!”

I have had friends who like and support “scrump”.  There is one lady from another country who TOLD me that she is “trying to help me understand #45”!  Again, I was like, “You can’t help me understand something like that!”  Now, we are no longer friends … tisk, tisk, tisk!!  Certain things, I don’t want to understand for fear of becoming like “them”!  Other things, like non-stop lying, I will never understand.  I wasn’t raised like that; it’s hard to trust a chronic power-hungry liar!  He should just resign … but I don’t think “it” has that much self-control.

So, if you aren’t too upset with me for my views, I hope you can understand.  I am not one to be convinced of a LIE!  I hope that we ALL can learn somethings as the trial continues.  May we keep our loved ones close while we look for changes that we EACH can embrace … to make this world a better place … while we can!


John I. Cook, Director

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