Breathe Through Your Nose . . .

Happy Friday, All!

You already know that I’ve got to do my T.G.I.F. thing … ahem …”TGIF”!

“So, there we have it …”  I remember one of my co-workers in my “call center” days in Ft. Lauderdale used to say when nothing made sense!!  We all used to laugh when we found out that he was being facetious!  So, that’s our world leadership, full of “fake folks” lying, deceiving, falsifying … and denying and destroying!  Who needs that?!?  We “the folks” across the board had better wake up and take charge of things … while we can.

It makes around a year now that I have been fortunate enough to be living in the same “home” – Casita Azul.  I have been living in Puerto Viejo for two years now as of December 25th, 2019.  I have adopted certain routines like writing my Friday morning pieces to blog.  I still try to get in a yoga class once a week as well as treat myself to a massage once a month.  Around town here, I have been able to develop a simple groove, still not rushing around to go anywhere.  I try to keep enough food in the home so I don’t have to go out and buy so many “street vendors” junk foods.  One guy I met whom I still purchase a homemade pineapple patty from on occasion named “Franklin” rides around on a bike  bellowing “Pa-teee, Pa-teee!”  It’s such a cool, quaint little town that you can “get in to” whatever you want … Caribbean style, though!

I’ve learned to keep it simple, breathe through my nose … and then empty my lungs.  I do this whether I am seated in the “lotus position” in yoga class or on the deck outside while meditating.  The natural sounds of the ocean on nearly all sides of Puerto aid in creating that “ebb and lull” that I have found helpful in my life.  You’ve heard the expression, “Go with the flow!” before, right?!  Well between the multifrequency sounds of the birds around, the gentle Caribbean breeze floating through the foliage coupled with my desire to have the “best quality of life”, I am holding things down!

I have begun chapter 12 of the manuscript and anticipating bringing it to an end around chapter 13.  Now that I am 65 and actually have Medicare in the States, I may look for some other options to healing my hips.  I have one or two other remedies (ie. – plasma treatments) that I would like to consider.  Some days are better than others, as I remember both of my parents saying from time to time.

Have a wonder-filled weekend and enjoy the beautiful full “Wolf Moon” tonight, the first of the new year.  Blessings. y’all!


John I. Cook, Director

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