Universal Time Management

Happy Friday, Folks!

It’s the first one in 2020, you dig, so let’s do a universal “Om”, Namaste and a “T.G.I.F”, then!!  BAM, Baby!

Have you ever noticed or have YOU ever been one of those people with poor “time management” skills?  Now, don’t get me wrong about this, I ain’t perfect.  Yet, I am aware that in this gift we call “the present”, we are charged with maximizing our contributions to humanity … or the universe … or something!!  Anyway, use your time wisely.  I remember that as a youngster and being the youngest in the family with no little friends to choose from, I would sometimes complain of “not having anything to do”.  My father, Big Ike, could see the lack of direction I had in my personal life.  So he suggested that I get a “hobby”.  He didn’t tell me which one to choose, he just told me to get one!  I started writing down everything I thought and felt, especially when the moods got too heavy for my “little loving heart”.  I got that from my Momma …

As a species, we have been warned of global warming though some so-called “leaders” aren’t intelligent enough nor caring enough to see the reality of our struggling planet.  Others of us continue “living” sowing seeds of discontent … because “they” are discontent.  Still more of us just “talk a good game” while doing absolutely nothing.  I can’t be around folks like that too long.  I want to just shake them sometimes, but that is the job of the universe …  Mine is to continue to sow love and peace mixed with a little bit of harmony!

In my life which is naturally directed towards helping “others” including myself, I have encountered those who when they “see” where I am coming from become envious …  Am I supposed to stop being loving now because “some one” is envious of the gifts I have been receiving from the universe and, my path is not altered by their “lack of direction”?  I don’t think so!  Some of us have natural gifts and have learned to develop them.  It seems that I have been oftentimes placed in or found myself in a position of “leadership”.  It is one of my God-given universal talents … and no … “you” can’t take it away from me!  However, you can get your own!  Perhaps, “you” have your own gift … but simply haven’t taken the time (universal time management) to develop your gift, nor even acknowledge your “gift” and become concerned with developing it further!  Others of “us” just hate, making excuses for our lack of direction in our lives … and following other people around while criticizing those who seem to have “found themselves”!!

This theme is so important to me, I feel it in my heart.  I mean, we are looking at our own destruction of the planet we live on … yep … WE LIVE ON!  Did you hear me?!?  “There’s only one!” though some wealthy folks are looking for another “one”.  Are “they” planning on leaving us here while “they” escape the ruins that their “artificial wealth” has generated on our planet?!?  Hmmmpfff!

So, let’s make a serious charge to OURSELVES … to be the best that we can be and make the greatest effort to save our planet and species… We haven’t done so well with others … including ourselves.  Make the New Year and each day we are blessed with count in our favor!  Happy New Year! 


John I. Cook, Director

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