“WELP . . .”

Yeah, y’all!  It’s Friday, again!

And what a “historical” week as we continue through the Hoy Day Season!  So, how’s about a timely T.G.I.F.!!  Boom!

Sometimes, you just have to purse your lips and say, “Welp …”.  That is not a sign of defeat but indeed it is an indication that one feels that she/he has done all one can in a given situation.  Now, … or then even … one must let the raw energy of the universe shape “humanity” … hmmmpff.  For me, “welp” means a strong combination of the two words “well” and “help” … you dig?!?  So, for me, I am content that #45 has been impeached … NOT removed from office for those who don’t quite understand what the difference is.  I seriously doubt that the “scrumpsters”, NOT republicans as the States once knew the party, in the Senate have the wherewithal to do the right thing … find the culprit guilty.

Many people, especially those aforementioned short-sighted politicians, don’t care about their future beyond the next election!  Imagine electing someone to an office that only cares about “themselves”!  How do you feel once you realize that you’ve been “HAD” … taken for granted, even?! Perhaps, ignored!  Now, you have said creatures speaking about a mere human (and a horrible one at that) as comparable to “Jesus Christ”; or his impeachment as something as tremendous as “the bombing at Pearl Harbor in World War II”!  (Where do they find these candidates!)

So … enter “welp” … well plus help.  I’ve shared some thoughts on liars and yellers, as well as plain old manipulators and bullies.  I can tell you, I have never seen a “bunch of men” … and I use that term loosely … yell and scream about whether it is day or night!  Now, they are all dressed up in suits and ties, the few women also stepping up to state their positions, some practicing to deceive while others are seeking to clarify a situation.  So, I say … “welp” …  All of the ingredients of “division” have been sown and “we” … the spiritual ones, at least … have to rely on the effects of pure positive energy in the form of love, cooperation, harmony, understanding … and peace!

I know it’s hard as I struggle with the same from time to time, to keep your perspective on “your life” and those you love.  If we include more people in that category of “those we love”, the world would indeed be a better place!

Blessings and Peace,

John I. Cook, Director

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