“How Does It Feel to be Talked About BAD?!?”/ NO Sides

Happy Friday, ALL!

I’d like to do that T.G.I.F. thing again if you care to join me!  “T.G.I.F.”!

Everybody knows what a hater is right?  They can’t tolerate seeing someone ELSE be “blessed”!  “They” want to be the center of attention … like a spoiled child!  And if they aren’t the “center” of attention and “you” are in “their way” to get that “childish” attention, they come at their imagined obstacle (you!) hard and insensitively.  It’s almost as if they want to inflict this “imagined pain” onto someone ELSE … especially if you are in “their” imagined limelight!

Watching parts of the “impeachment hearings” was hard from time to time.  It’s so hard watching already “privileged people” lie and whine as they try to convince “others” of a lie!  It’s like these so-called representatives demonstrate acute ignorance and childish behavior including lying and yelling falsehoods.  “They” want to “dumb down” and brainwash feeble-minded people by using their “imagined” fears!  This behavior of constantly lying in your face is not only disrespectful to me, maybe some others, but is designed to “dumb” me/us down!  Don’t make me say it …

As far as “the world” goes today … we’ll just have to see.  It’s an energy “thing” if you will.  If you have ever noticed that when you emit positive energy filled with similar high-level expectations like peace, harmony, and love, one usually receives the same.  So, if “we” don’t seek the truth collectively, we will suffer … collectively.  It’s interesting when you encounter “negative” energies trying to drain your positive intentions and expectations.  I have had people tell me “you are on the wrong side”!  This is not a side thing like in a war, this is a UNITY thing … collectivism … NOT separatism and ultimate destruction of the pieces that may remain.

However “it” goes down, I am going to be emitting positive energy in the form of peace, love, harmony, and truth!  There are no sides … get a grip!!  Enjoy the “holy days” and “do the right thing”!  Thanks for reading.


John I. Cook, Director

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