“Do Unto Others … As You Would Have Done to You!”

Happy Friday … yeah, Y’all!  Nothing bad about being grateful is it?!?  So … uh … T.G.I.F!

There has been so much going on … world-wide, including the NATO Meeting in London in which fun was made of the “camera hogging, egotistical reality show host” turned president …  So, world leaders can see how ridiculous #45 acts!  Is there any wonder that “others” see his childish behavior as unbecoming of a president!?  Yet, some Americans, though not most, still refuse to see the danger this character REALLY poses for the survival of democracy.

The title of this piece is something that many of us have heard, time and time again!  I learned this Bible passage in Sunday school in White Plains, NY at Bethel Baptist Church.  I mean, how hard is it to understand …  Not at all, just like it’s not hard to see that #45 is an imposter … a fake … in the wrong job!!  It is important to treat people with respect … the same respect “we” may want.  Now, when I look at myself, I try to treat everyone with respect … at first.  However, if I see that they don’t view me at least the same way, I will distance myself from that person(s) to attempt to maintain the peace and the respect that I deserve in my own human life.

As we enter the season of giving, the season of family and friends, the season of peace and love (though it should be every day!), may we honor our neighbors as we would ourselves!  “Just Do It!”


John I. Cook, Director

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