” . . . Moral Reasons . . . “

Happy Friday, Folks!

“What A Wonderful World!”!  Or … “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!”  It all depends on how you look at it!  Are we “Americans” better than this?!?  What do you think former KGB Chief, now Russian dictator, thinks about “Americans” … especially #45!??  Its defenders say, “Oh!  That’s not enough to impeach a president …”  Then WHAT IS?  Now, folks, they want you to feel sorry for a serial liar, a sexual predator and a formerly failed racist businessman with multiple bankruptcies and court cases!  And, #45 does NOT want to release his taxes … but wants “people” to feel sorry for him… being impeached!  Are you KIDDING ME?!?

Whatever happened to: “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING … SAY SOMETHING!”?  Or are “we” to believe that this axiom … a moral axiom … doesn’t count with this “creep”?!?  As I watched the impeachment investigation, I noticed how these various “republican” representatives in the House sought to attempt to “grandstand” aka “bullying” with most of the witnesses who came to state the facts.  It was clear that #45 and his cowardly cronies were all using the “bullying” tactic, and little jerk Jimmie Jordan (R) resorted to yelling at everybody.  I liked Dr. Hill’s approach to the yelling … intellectual replies in a calm voice.  My Dad, “Big Ike”, didn’t like liars or yellers.  I got punished enough at a very young age and learned NOT to lie.  Yelling was NOT acceptable!  I appreciate him so much for instilling the moral of “truth-telling”, much like many of the witnesses who testified as to what they knew regarding the “Ukranian Cover-Up”.  As Dr. Hill said, “the thought that the Ukrainians interfered in the 2016 US election is a fictional narrative”!

Mr. Holmes, a Princeton graduate of the Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs, put his “classy” etiquette in place when dealing with a group of republicans who worship the dishonest president in office.  I mean, he started lying BEFORE entering the office of the president … about EVERYTHING!  This creature has no class caused by the dearth of morality and values in his life!  So, what conclusion can we each draw that is not “hearsay” … about “scrump’s” fool aid drinking supporters?

The problem is, as Dr. Hill tried to point out, the president of the States is selling out American interests to dictators across the globe.  In return (quid pro quo), I am sure he and his family get preferential treatment wherever they go across the globe!  “How do you like him now?”  He has basically used the office of president for his personal gains … across the board!  He doesn’t care about any of his supporters if he doesn’t care about Ambassador Sondland and his million-dollar donation to the “scrump” campaign!  Meanwhile, the “foolish americans” are fighting each other at home with Russian help and interference even up to the level of the “three branches of government”!  They (Putin) had their way in the 2016 election, and, as Dr. Hill and many others have indicated, they are working on securing the 2020 election for their favorite “muppet”.

Just like with the environment, we are facing living in a world and country WITHOUT respect for human values.  The leaders are leading us to “hell”!  We still have time, not much … but we have some.  “Do what you do … the choice is yours … as are the results of your choices.”

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.


John I. Cook, Director

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