Show Some RESPECT … for YOUR Own Country at Least!

Happy Friday, All!

So, I’m feeling a grand “T.G.I.F.” today … whatever it takes … I am thankful!

Well, “america” is in the throes of another “impeachment inquiry”, thanks to the “most dishonest”  president in the history of the United States democracy!!  You see, this is what happens when you put an “auto mechanic” in a “brain surgeon’s” position of an operating room!  Things WILL go VERY wrong!  Through a “loophole” in the elections process commonly called the “electoral college”, an auto mechanic type of businessman was able to plow his way into the highest office in the land.  It has NO EXPERIENCE in politics and has decided to do a bunch of “back door diplomacy” moves with North Korea, Russia … and even Turkey.  The leader of the “free world” wants to become a “dictator” in a “democracy” … it doesn’t know any better … but WE should!  “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union ….” is a phrase from the constitution that has been nearly forgotten with such a divisive president.

It is 45’s manner of divisiveness using race, of which Americans are many, religion again of which Americans practice different religions, and “income” which sometimes dictates “class” … that causes the disintegration of the society.  The current president of the USA is squandering the nation’s power and wealth to benefit himself and his family … not his country … nor the Americans’ country.  Right about now, he is helping Russian expansion (even into Ukraine) not to mention Turkey’s expansion as “45” attempts to preserve oil fields rather than Kurdish lives!  Or, have the Ukrainian president search for non-existent dirt on candidate Joe Biden and his son …

As a result, “Americans” are choosing sides (even some non-Americans … like Russians are doing it, too!) rather than being intelligent enough to see that this creature is preying on the weaknesses of some, the ignorance and lack of knowledge regarding their own country of others, and meanwhile literally placing his OWN children in positions of power in the government!  As a result (and he is worried about Hunter Biden), HIS children have gotten away with all sorts of immoral behavior and money, probably some crimes, due to their father’s occupation of the position of president.  Now, while “americans” are fighting “americans” (don’t forget scrump’s suggestion that if he is impeached … there will be another civil war!), this thief disguised as a president is counting his and his family’s profits.  Ha!  This is what dictators do! This is proof of his divisiveness and lack of concern about what happens to “everybody else” in the United States of America!

Many Americans lack knowledge of how the country is supposed to be run (no bribes and no lies) and, that “the people” should have concrete knowledge of what the leadership is doing at all times.  This is the transparency necessary for democracy to function properly.  In the previous day of hearings for the impeachment inquiry, two witnesses from the US delegation to Ukraine attempted to restore some decency to the government, not to mention the impeachment proceedings, and expose the president’s abuse of power.  Meanwhile, so-called “Americans” choose sides (we’re ALL on the same team, fools!) and taunt each other as to each “sides'” wishes and evils while the “whole world is watching”!  The usa looks like a bunch of babbling fools to Putin and Erdogan! 

So, in hopes of determining the truth … which we all already know … Americans shouldn’t let their guards down too much and can hopefully overcome the divisiveness established in our midsts from the current occupant of the White House!  Pray for RESPECT of each other … at least!


John I. Cook, Director

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