“Here’s One for the Record …”

Happy Friday, Earthlings!  Y’all want to do a big “Thank You” to the “universe”?  I’ve got you, if necessary!  ‘Cause, I know you got my back!!  TGIF, then!

Do you all remember the days when someone’s “word was their bond”, so to speak?!?  In other words, you can count on me … you can trust me to do the right thing!  Do you recall the “comfort” of that feeling, the one you get when you KNOW someone (something, perhaps) is looking out for “you”?!  Pretty sweet, right!  You feel like you can “conquer the world” with that type of support!

THAT’s how my Mother, Marietta, use to make me feel!  In fact, nowadays when I think of what she would want for me, her “baby boy”, I get all worked up and go after that goal with a passion.  This past Wednesday, November 6th, made the 14th Anniversary of her passing.  She was in hospice after a nasty fall which caused hemorrhaging of the brain that went unnoticed for many hours.  I was the last “family member” to see her and it was about 12midnight and I had worked all day and had to go in to work in the morning … so I left the hospice and went home in the darkness caused by the loss of electricity in Ft. Lauderdale due to the downed power lines that Hurricane Wilma brought across the coastline of Broward County.  After settling in a few minutes and listening to music through the headset, my cellphone rang … Mom had expired.  I got back on my scooter and rode in the damp darkness to Florida Medical Center to say good-bye …

Yeah, I was pretty worked up Wednesday.  Between memories of Mom’s “unconditional love” for me, this deep chest cough that I needed to get some antibiotics to move the phlegm from my lungs, and the annoyance of the team of imposters in the White House requiring impeachment investigations … I was glad to stay home in the driving rain.  I didn’t even go to yoga …  It was an incredibly “cleansing day”.  It is part of my journey, all the things that I’ve experienced and have been fortunate enough to survive and share.  For me, and I know it sounds crazy, it’s kind of like a love story with life!  I get that from my Mother, too!

So, as you are listening to the transcripts of these hearings and observing the “public hearings” regarding how these cowards took their criminal minds into the nation’s government and sought to destroy the remnants of democracy and rob everyone in plain sight, keep the memories of loved ones and those relationships you’ve been able to build along your journey.  Enjoy your lives!


John I. Cook, Director

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