“Did They Just Say That?!?”

Happy Friday, All!

I want to encourage you to do your T.G.I.F., should you decide you’d like to!  I am sure it won’t hurt.  I have adopted this new “thing” when I am feeling particularly grateful … I say, “Thank You!” into the air around me, I look to the heavens and utter it again … “Thank You!” 

Have you ever experienced hearing someone say something that was completely absurd, not only unexpected?  And then, the perpetrator acts like “they” don’t know what you were talking about, and/or denies what they JUST said, a la Mick Mulvaney!?  “Makes me wanna holla … throw up both my hands!”  I personally choose NOT to deal with people like that … at least not too often!  The negative energy is just not something that I need in my life now … or ever.  People who violate others oftentimes don’t even have the decency to apologize, let alone stop manifesting their hate-filled energy.

Now, I don’t know who else read Orwell’s “1984” which illustrates what “doublespeak” is and how it is used to set people up to be taken over by totalitarianism and dictatorship.  Can you see it yet?!?  Scrump says, “It’s a perfect call!” (For a bully!)  Did you see the expression on Pres. Zelenski’s face when Pres. “Scrump” put on his big bully face looking at “Z” as if he was his (scrump’s) baby boy!!!  Then, he simultaneously grabbed his hand and pulled him damn near out of his chair!  And as Zelenski said, “I felt no pressure …” after being publicly bullied by “scrump” who then said, “See, no pressure!”, he looked at the cameras in triumph! 

If you were Pres. Zelenski, what would YOU say on international tv with a person who is in the office of one of, if not the, most powerful men on the planet?!?  Don’t forget, you are waiting for missiles and funds to help “hold off” the hungry Russian military who is omnipresent on their common borders and just waiting for the opportunity to pound them again!.  Of course, don’t forget the “dysfunctional bromance” between Putin and “scrump” and how he thinks being president of a country involves making a deal!  “Hey … Orange piece of malarky … make deals with YOU and YOUR family’s lives, leave the common people and US taxpayer’s money out of your bully crap leadership and “dirty deals”!  Maybe you should go back to failed mafia-style real estate!”  Then the classless leadership of the usa goes on international tv to tell China to investigate the Biden men!  In other words, “scrump” is saying to the world, “I did it once … I’ll do it again … over and over … until you stop me!  I will prove to the world that democracy in the usa needs a demagogue like me and then we will be in line with all the other totalitarian regimes on the planet!”  I guess you didn’t hear what he just said, so I just paraphrased it for you!

There are people like that all around us!  Some folks don’t know how to survive in harmony and peace and must ALWAYS make a contest out of the smallest thing, and make a contest regarding who talks the most malarky during the contest.  Is anybody tired of this “D” rated reality tv show that this character has turned the US government in to?!?  Whether the members of the Republican-dominated Senate where the case for impeachment will be heard once Congress draws up the charges decide to do their job in “protecting democracy”, NOT “scrump”, we can all sit back and watch “the show”!  Please, vote wisely in the usa for the next election because the Republicans have lost sight of their responsibility and are now engaged in “cover-ups” across the board.

In your daily deeds, be sure to “check” those mofos who try to make you look stupid.  Show them where the mirror is so they can see the real stupidity.  DON’T let them fool YOU!

(For that “person” trying to get my attention by putting low scores on my blog evaluation, “man up” and send me a note expressing your dissatisfaction with my blog!)

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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