“Send In The Clowns . . .”

It’s another Friday, y’all … above ground so far, you dig!!  So, I’ll do a T.G.I.F. for all of us!  Boom!

I was wondering if I should start with one of my “Casita Azul” stories or what today … so … Okay, I have these geckos all over the place.  At first, I was like … “Oh my goodness!  They are everywhere!”  Then, my yoga teacher told me that they eat ants and other insects inside one’s home.  So, after a while, between the deck and the kitchen, I started to watch them “hunt”, as Molly had told me they like doing!  I’ve seen them at work … And every morning, did I say EVERY MORNING?!  I mean, I must sweep the floor each day due to the termite (polillos) residue and gecko droppings!  Now, I don’t have a problem with that because, as my oldest sister “Barbara Anne” used to say, my “Susie Home Maker” side comes out!!  I need a clean place to live in… no matter how small or big.  I choose wisely and don’t seek any dwelling that I can’t get around in and keep clean.  The “Casita Azul” is perfect!

So, last week one night, as I watched CNN and listened to some smooth sounds in between commercials, I saw like three geckos “hunting” on the lovely light blue painted wood vaulted ceiling from which my wind chimes are hanging.  I continued watching and listening and felt something drop onto my outstretched arm.  I thought maybe a mosquito got hungry early or … I looked … and there was a gecko dropping … kind of hard though often they are soft and tiny … on my arm!  I was like, “Dang!  The geckos are pooping on me!”  Oh well … I thought … another tiny problem … Pura Vida!

In the States and the Federal government, in particular, there are a LOT of problems … and not so tiny!  It’s like watching one of those tv programs that I wish was just “discontinued” mid-season!  Can folks there understand yet, that though one may want a change in governmental style – ie Washington bureaucracy and corruption – there must be a person in that office that respects the governmental structure and how it is set up to “serve the people” who pay their taxes for its “over maintenance”!  This must be an honest person, not one who tells thousands of lies each month, and a person who has knowledge of domestic and foreign policies and their histories in the country.  THAT’s where “Scrump’s” name should have been omitted from the ballot.  In fact, I was thinking what would happen if there was an automatic device in the President’s chair in the Oval Office, whereupon it’s thousandth lie ejects it (the president) into outer space permanently!!  This “chump” would’ve been gone by now.

“How low can we go!?!”  As low as having a “gang” of political bullies and thugs enter a closed-door “security session” with their phones on and recording!  How can an impeachment investigation into the activities under concern be conducted with these types of “clowns” trying to interrupt the “process”?  The information is ugly and damning, this crap that “scrump” did, and witnesses, including one of his big financial supporters as well as career government personnel have indicated his ignorance, arrogance, deception, and bullying in a clear “quid pro quo” established in the phone call with the Ukranian president!!  And as Lindsay Graham once said, “You don’t even need a ‘quid pro quo’ charge to be removed from office!”

Well, it’s the weekend Baby!  So harness up your “upper frequency” energies and “Fly on, Baby … Fly On!”



John I. Cook, Director

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