The Daily Reality of Life in the USA

Hey Ya!

Happy Friday it is!  We’re still able to read and talk, speak and walk, thanks to the blessings of our Creator … T.G.I.F. then!

I think of a good friend, former yoga and pilates instructor and current friend, Lydia Richardson, who had experienced a guy taking a gun out in Pembroke Pines Mall, Pembroke Pines, FL … on Christmas Eve this past year!  She had commented that she and a bunch of other people were huddled together in a closet in the Mall until the drama died down … no one died … Yet, this is the reality!  People are seeking the “almighty dollar” and living paycheck to paycheck, racial hatred is often involved, or just a person who has reached those “dire straits” in one’s life, according to the formula for success in the US!  Might I remind “us” … living paycheck to paycheck is NOT an indication of a stable economy.  Trust me, I know … you can really “lose it” trying to map your way through extremely difficult situations, one after another.

THIS, coupled with “police shootings” and killings of unarmed African American men … a few women included … oh yes … and the Rice kid killed while playing with a pellet gun in a park … alone in Cleveland, is why I chose to retire abroad!  It’s like a pressure cooker from time to time in the States; yet, it is where I was born!  I am hoping that people can get it right this next election because “the chosen one” (wtf!) is running out of entertaining tricks … with the economy, with greenhouse gases … yep, and with OUR LIVES!  I am sure that he has a little “cushion of cash” for him and his family as they ALL now have catapulted to the level of international financiers … while working for the government!  Can you say “corruption”?  Kellyanne “Konway” can teach us if necessary.  And of course, her new “Sesame Street” word(s) for the day is/(are) “incoherent idiot”.

I am simply sending some more “love” out into the universe and hope it reaches the necessary vessels.  Meanwhile, back in the usa, “the people” must unite and rise against a clearly inept, dishonest, egocentric lunatic that occupies the highest office in the land!  Take back “the country” from the scrumps.  Internationally, not only has the country become a “query” of sorts as our international counterparts wonder where “the people” are and why “they” (when they appear) accept the plethora of lies and unclassy behavior of the person in that office, but we have to accept descriptions of the president and his wishes as “absurd”.  And they are correct!!  “Drain the swamp?!”  “Crooked Hillary!?” and more are amongst his old “battle cries”.  Now, it’s “Send them back!” and “I am the chosen one!” not to mention the funniest one “the economy is doing fine” ….

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am still a product of The United States of America.  Yet, until we come closer to doing that “unite” thing, I choose to stay aloof.  It’s probably a good thing!

Enjoy your weekends, cherish your loved ones … and “STAND UP”!


John I. Cook, Director

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