” . . . And the Beat (Beast) Goes On!”

Happy Friday, Y’all!  Yo!!

It’s that time again, though I often throw up a “thank you” in a “New York” second … multiple times a day!!  Did you hear it!?!  Then, T.G.I.F.!  And I know you “heard” that!

Right off the top, I want to wish my former “Coach” from boarding school and current friend a Happy belated 95th Birthday last week on Monday, I think!  Also, my “unofficial” adopted “daughter”, “Tashi”, had her 20-something-ith birthday last week, too!  Y’all ROCK!  Much respect and LOVE!  Who’s counting!!?

All of those motivational anecdotes some of us grew up with like, “Change is gonna come!” OR “I have a dream!”, are maybe just around “the bend” ….  I think that I feel it!  Do you?!?  Can you still “feel” stuff?!  Crazy world out there!!  It can make “you” numb if you don’t stay connected to your authentic self!  My techniques include meditation, prayer, and yoga … a few massages included!

Are we getting “worn down” by the childish and petty behavior of the current “leader” of the usa?  It looks like quite a few people, Republican senators included, are getting tired of the “donkey and cart” show.  I mean, it is beyond ridiculous at this point!  People of the world can’t take this character seriously, and they, like I, are hoping we don’t have to go through another year and a half of this arrogant, childish stupidity being displayed from the White House!  Scrump’s “kronie”, Kellyanne, has gotten waaaay out of control, as she attempts to employ the “scrump” arrogance in her answers to the press, obvious answers of course, that she then spins into “incoherent insults”!  I don’t know how people talk with an arrogant idiot … I choose NOT to engage in conversation with such fools.  They are ruining OUR world!

These times are requiring genuine “spirits and souls” that dwell within these “human bodies” we have been gifted with … to stand up, speak up and be counted … not just votes either!  Be counted as energy that matters – normally called PEOPLE!  We come in all shapes and sizes, multiple colors and languages, shucks even a few varying religions conjured up to worship and acknowledge our Creators.   Don’t let the “demons” change the course of your positive energy.  They didn’t create “you”.  Understand the difference between “the beat” and “the beast”.  Stay united, people!  It’s OUR world, too!


John I. Cook, Director

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