A Touch of Class … Something Special

It’s another Friday, you all!

What’s up?  Can we put a loving T.G.I.F. in the air?!  I think so … “Just Do It!”

“My, my, my … what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!”  As “the baby bully” yelped to hype up “mindless folks”, he had no idea who was listening!  Not only was “he” surprised that a depraved mind was hanging on his every word, “he” doesn’t even have the courage to admit that his hate-filled words actually reached a young, dumb feeble brain … and may have caused him to act out his cowardly thoughts on innocent victims. The same feeling “he” had upon realizing that “he” won the “rigged” electoral college vote WITHOUT winning the popular vote!  No class, this character!  Then as he visited first Dayton and then El Paso, he took every opportunity to talk about “himself” … and the crowd size when he first visited El Paso several months before.  All this selfish talk continued as he walked through the hallways of the hospitals where the wounded were treated in each city.

Incredible how “law enforcement” in the El Paso shooter’s home town … 600 miles away … when his mother called to tell the police that she was worried about her young son who had just purchased a “weapon of war” … simply DROPPED THE BALL!  Now, hundreds of people were affected by one person’s inability to care while doing their job, a very important job – “to Protect and Serve”.  Much like in Parkland at MSD High School where the shooter had placed cut marks on his arm, displayed the marks in photos on social media, and who also wore a long-sleeved shirt to cover up the marks when he went to see his social worker … BEFORE the shooting.  Of course, the social worker didn’t “ask” him to roll up his sleeves so she could SEE the evidence of a disturbed young person!  Just how professional are these “professionals”?  How much do these professionals actually care about their jobs, not to mention if they care about their clients?!?  I’m just saying …

Yes, I am blessed to be living here while all mayhem is breaking loose “stateside”.  Still, I have a child and a grandson over there … and a mailbox for my business and me … so I still go … and still care.  I grew up there …  Now, I can’t afford to retire there and I would probably be harassed each day by someone who “feels” that I don’t deserve much due to the color of my skin …  NOT AN OPTION for me.  Wednesday, I had my first osteopathic appointment and felt somewhat “understood” as I seek to heal my arthritis without getting hips replaced.  Again, I am at peace here … I can walk everywhere I need to go to in town from the quaint little house I am renting here in Puerto Viejo.  No police sirens blaring at every intersection, no hostile police looking to confront me.  My yoga teacher is back and I am scheduled for a massage this morning with her as well after more than two months, it seems!  You better believe that I am ready … I can’t wait!

May we ALL seek to be “the best that we can be” and help in changing a troubled world … if possible.  Enjoy your day and your weekends.  Add a touch of class to everything you do!


John I. Cook, Director

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