“Awww, Man … Darn!”

Happy Friday again, y’all!

So let’s do this quick … T.G.I.F!   Okay, there … I said it!  NOW!

Don’t get me started with this “anti-immigrant” discussion, as if the land of the North American continent had NO INHABITANTS when the first European settlers arrived!!  Don’t make me explain that NOBODY with “white skin” is a native inhabitant of ANY of “the Americas” … except for maybe parts of Canada.  So, hopefully, intelligent folks can see the “bait and switch” technique used in sales being applied here!!  So, some people arrive at your “door” one morning to inform you that they are looking for “riches”.  You tell the “visitors” that your lifestyle is different from theirs!  And you continue telling them that there are lots of things that they can “enjoy” other than gold, silver and other riches in this land.  Soon, the people “you” helped decide that they are going to “MOVE INTO” your home and utilize everything you have there … as if it is theirs!  Could this be “the American Dream”?  Can we “do better” than this?!?  You know it, so as Chris Cuomo says on CNN weekday nights, “Let’s Get After It!”

Now, as tyrants and dictators strike fear in the hearts of the people in their domains, some folks in the good ole USA are beginning to realize “the error of their ways”.  It’s funny … NOT … when one realizes these “errors” but continues to reap the benefits of their erroneous way of life!  So, for the sake of “money” – pieces of paper with a promise to honor a debt or payment – we allow them … sorry guys, rich white men … to destroy our planet as they play freakin’ “Monopoly” with the Earth.  Iran is flexing it’s tiny muscles as England shows them clearly that they don’t have the “muscles” to mess with British cargo ships!  Is it crazy enough for you yet?  Wait … we’ve got the “scrumpster” breaking alliances with former Western allies, hoarding money of the taxpayers in this country for “his base’s” egos established on “keeping brown people out of Amerika” … and beginning various “bromances” with Kim and Vladimir … don’t forget the Saudi prince who had an American journalist “buzz sawed” into tiny unrecognizable unlocatable pieces in Turkey!!  Can you say it with me … “I can’t …”!!

Well, at least now we know what the agenda is:  “… destroy the world and its beauty before the “dumb inhabitants” who have been separated by skin color, religion, economic position (man-made) and cultural traits realize that they can “SAVE THEMSELVES”!”  Really?!?  And I guess the rest of “us” should just sit back and enjoy the unreal “reality tv show” that these totalitarian characters have created utilizing basic human fears and insecurities to control us!!  “Enough of No LOVE!” … What the #@*! are we waiting for?!?  For everything to collapse around us … and then us, too?!  “Raise your vibrations, Folks!”  Don’t let the scum have their way with OUR LIVES!  Reach out to each other in peace and love … and harmony won’t hurt either.  Maybe … we can show them the way!

Tomorrow is my 65th Birthday … and … I can’t believe it … I am so Darn grateful to Mom and Dad (RIP) … and My Creator!  I am pushing back tears …  Bye … and have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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