Seek Enlightenment

It’s Friday again, y’all!

Happy Friday to each of youse, and I’m wishing you a stupendous day … T.G.I.F.!

What’s in a celebration?!?  Fun?  Food?  Frolic??!  Fireworks?  Tanks on the ground in the nation’s capitol and warplanes flying overhead?!?  Are you having fun yet?  How about a long “8th grade style” fiery speech preaching the ethics of war and violence … by the president?!?  Still not impressed?!  Is it fun yet?! If not, “you” must be enlightened!  

Our “modern world” has a lot of people in it who think “selfishly”.  Somewhat understandable when most “nations” are led by people who do NOT have the interests of ALL in mind.  They may have their OWN concerns in mind when making decisions … or  … they may have the “ideas” in mind given to them by the people who also gave them MONEY!  So, what rules … ethics or money?!  Can one influence the other?!?  Can we still live our “best lives” for ourselves and our offspring if we place money ahead of say … enlightenment?!?  Do I have your attention yet?  Perhaps, like many, you just don’t give a flying horse’s tail!!  THAT, my fellow spirits, IS the problem.  We have been lulled into “NOT CARING”!  At best, some of us get caught up in “the team we are playing for” or “the country we were born in” … or any other such “feeble” human configurations that we have chosen to call “reality”!  Meanwhile, we are ignoring the FACT that we are ALL human and are ALL interconnected!  I know, I know, that’s a far stretch for “us” selfish, compartmentalized, greedy, insecure human beings!  How could “I” be wrong?!?  THAT, too, is the problem … right vs. wrong rather than … being enlightened in ALL of our life’s decisions.  How hard is that?  I mean, I have folks try to tell ME when I am happy or what “I need to do”, or describe how they think that I am living or doing!!

Take Mitch McConnell … Republican leader of the Senate … He wants to buy the first pair of “Betsy Ross”/Ku Klux Klan logoed sneakers from the first company to manufacture them, since NIKE refused to continue production of and release of the sneakers for the “4th of July” once being alerted to the fact that “white supremacist” and the Ku Klux Klan have adopted the “thirteen starred flag” depicted in Betsy’s rendition of the “First US Flag”.  McConnell is NOT enlightened … He is an old school fart that couldn’t give two “shirts” about what happens to immigrants or “minority” people (quickly approaching the “majority”) within the shores of the usa …  The ONLY thing he cares about is “representing HIS party’s base” and their “pipe dreams” rather than the dreams of the people who live here and whose land was taken from them and the people who actually spend(t) their lives “building” the country once it was confiscated from the Native Americans!! 

  It’s a simple paradigm … “Do unto others as you would have them do unto YOU”!  Be the best divine self that you can possibly be.  Make the “journey” beautiful … forget about war, conflict, and division.  Embrace ourselves, each other … and our “universe”!


John I. Cook, Director

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