Be Careful What You “Ask” For!

Happy Friday, All!

I’ve got to do it … just for the “peace” it brings me … T.G.I.F.!  There, it’s done!

Well, things in this “world” are definitely “out of control”.  What’s next?!  G-20 Summit, Democratic Party Primary Debates, almost a declaration of war against Iran, other countries joining sides?!?  The Russians agreed with Iran that the US Drone was in their waters … and if not … why so freaking close?!  Those of “them” who still believe probably the most lying president … in the history of the modern world … might want to check yourselves.  Me, personally, I don’t believe ANYTHING this character says!  Shucks, if you don’t believe me, ask the lady in the picture with Scrump and his then-wife accompanied by the woman who he said he didn’t know AND her husband!  Should we play, “Believe it or not?!?”  We don’t have time for that!!  Global warming is heating up the planet and another infant is found dead with her father as they sought, “the land of free, the home of the brave …”  Okay, if you ask me, the territory known as the USA is probably “haunted” with the spirits of ALL of the people who lost their lives at the hands of “imperialism” …  It’s a sad story in human history!

As a student of history, I have found so many inconsistencies between the inhumane policies from “concentration camps” IN the US of A (do your homework!) and the concept of “white supremacy” … (I get a frog in my throat every time I even THINK that sh@t!)
  I hear the voice of a tv character saying, “There in Charlottesville, there were a lot of good people …”  What show was he watching?!?  Obviously, I don’t have the answers … I barely have my own answers to questions that I have daily.  Yet, as I watched and listened to some of the Democratic candidates these past two days challenge each others’ thought processes and policies, beliefs, hopes and dreams, it still seems that us “humans” are falling short.  Now, I don’t know about you, but we … none of us … may be able to fathom the challenges facing human life form on this planet.  Sometimes, I feel like “segments” of humanity are cursed for abusing the “natural order” of things!  I embrace living in peace with one another, seeking to spread “divine unconditional love” wherever I go.  At this point, I feel that this is my mission …

In my retirement, I have chosen a simple life style.  I don’t want a car to worry about, not to mention a motorcycle!  Shucks, even here in Puerto Viejo, I get “feathers in my belly” when I think about riding a bicycle!!  There have been numerous bicycle accidents, some ending in death while others were maimed.  At the same time, in a small town with NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS, the people still seem to approach driving vehicles with care.  When I left Stateside a couple of years ago continuing my journey, I just wanted to have a better quality of life than I could “give myself” there.  The whole “food/medicine/rent/transportation” vicious cycle that the average retiree faces in the States is NOT something that I choose to spend these years struggling with … I am cool just like this.  Now, I admit, there have been moments when I thought that I might be “getting bored”.  When I sat back, enjoying the comfort of the “universe” and the life I have today, I could only utter “Thank You!”  Yes, you bet, I just want to keep it simple …

Enjoy your day, your weekends as well, and your loved ones …  Be careful what you “ask” for!


John I. Cook, Director

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