Have A Wonderful Day . . . ANYWAY!

Happy Friday, All!

I hope each of your weeks have been decent for each of you personally!  That’s why I always say a hearty “T.G.I.F.” on days like these.  I don’t want to mention the horrifying “news stories” that fill the air waves because I don’t want to feed into it … at ALL! But …

I don’t know if “you know what I’m saying”, but things look pretty “crazy” to use “45’s” word … though he was referring to “The Democrats”.  So, I’m thinking that a hearty “T.G.I.F.” might do ALL of us some good …

World Affairs are full of DRAMA!!  War ships are passing each other so close that Russian naval crew members can be seen “sun bathing”, and a helicopter as well as the US warship BOTH document the obvious intentional “near contact” with each other!!  I could go on but I don’t want to … I’ll check the news channels later … I can’t ….  Tankers apparently are being attacked in the narrow Strait where many many cargo vessels travel to and from a variety of international ports, carrying the “ruling crude oil” to other parts of the world!  For me, all of this “mayhem” is out of control.  I can see why some “rulers” are leaning more towards being dictators because the outlook of the world looks so glum …  These characters are getting “theirs” at the expense of ALL of us!

So, last night I went to a tavern here called “The Point” where the NBA game was being broadcast in English.  For some reason, ESPN Spanish was NOT broadcasting “Game 6” of the “7-game” series on the television that I have at home.  I had invited a couple from Toronto who are great friends for dinner in hopes that we could watch the game with “sushi”, which they brought over, and perhaps some chicken and pasta that I had gotten for the “NBA Festivities”.  Yes, I still love basketball and … now I know why the Romans had their favorite sport held in the Colosseum so that the people would be kept “entertained”!  Perhaps “our own” Little Nero will be “making deals” while the country continues to decline …  Yet, I was indeed entertained by the men of both teams competing in the Championship games!  The game was “neck and neck” right down to the last few seconds.  Both teams were eager to prove “their weight in gold”on a world-wide “stage”!  Toronto won, and, I think that the best team won.  “The Golden State Warriors” have had their share of championship titles and “change” is often good.  Both teams demonstrated incredible sportsmanship as they embraced each other at the end of the game and congratulated each other!

This is another reason that I like sports so much.  Sports teach us the core points that humanity is now missing – cooperation, harmony, reliability and genuine pride for one another.  It was apparent at the end of the game, and, while the game does get physical from time to time, these men kept it professional.  What about you?

Enjoy your day, count our blessings and have a wonderful weekend.  Full Moon on Tuesday!


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Linda Fairchild
    Jun 14, 2019 @ 15:43:13

    The game was thrilling!! Having spent last summer in Toronto it was particularly so. My heart was pounding. Wonderful post, John.



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